1st Akaata 2nd Ol'averde ´Tracyn Senaar´ (FireBirds)
"Bat tracyn senaar a'den trattok'or"

Ol'averde motto:
"Bat tracyn senaar a'den trattok'or;

Ol'averde warcry:

Ol'averde oath:
I, (Handle), do hereby pledge my loyalty to Mandalore and 1st Akaata. I swear to uphold the laws and policies of Mandalore, as well as those of 2nd Ol'averde. I promise to fulfill any and all tasks given to me by my Commanders for the betterment of Mandalore and the Mando'ade. I swear to uphold myself in a dignified manner and represent to Mandalore in a such a way that I might not bring about any form of confrontation against her, less I be told to do such by those in authority above me.

Unit History:

Tracyn Senaar, translated to 'Firebirds', is a cell of Mandalorian warriors and pilots from several of the defunct fleets and divisions that previously made up Mandalorian military organization. This particular group, organized into the first Akaata second Ol'averde, uses a brilliantly burning, majestic phoenix as its symbol. This symbol was chosen, according to one Mandalorian warrior, because it represents 'The fire in our hearts, and the burning of our blood as we join battle in the name of Mand'alor, as well as an honor to our fallen comrades, who die so that we may rise again from the ashes, like the phoenix.'

Hardened in the fires of war, like all Mandalorian warriors, the Tracyn Senaar though it opens its arms to many newcomers that wish to join its ranks, is mostly made up of veterans from earlier conflicts and skirmishes that the Mandalorian fleets and divisions went through, including a few that participated in the notable Smuggler's Guild and Anzatan Commonwealth campaigns, which helped etch Mandalore's first steps into the galaxy into both the hearts of fellow Mandalorian warriors and their allies, and into the nightmares of their foes.

Upon its formation, the unit of Tracyn Senaar promptly spread its wings wide, like the phoenix that all warriors wear proudly both in their identification and emblazoned upon their armor, and took to the Galaxy with true Mandalorian spirit. Though they are content to remain in the shadows for the most part, as Mandalore has not yet seen fit to bring the Firebirds up to the forefront of a campaign or of any notable missions, they still strive day in and day out, like all warriors and soldiers should, to prove themselves in the eyes of their fellows and in the eyes of the galaxy, be it through defending planets that come under the greedy, unworthy gazes of such foes as the Eidola Pirates; through fortifying and securing sectors that were once under the thumbs of their enemies; through the aiding of their allies, upholding their code of honor and duty even to those that are not under Mandalore's direct command; and of course, through shedding the blood of their enemies.