About MandalMotors

MandalMotors is a division of MandalCorps, in the service of the Mandalore government. MandalMotors's main area of expertise is in building ships to exacting standards and in a timely fashion for buyers. Like all MandalCorps factions and Mandalore itself, MandalMotors serves all Mandalorians and allies of Mandalore. We refuse to do business with any enemies of Mandalore and pirate groups (including their members). Although MandalMotors currently has several datacards of its own, we are also constantly working on producing rented and loaned datacards.

Research and Development projects are currently being pursued, and once these are complete MandalMotor will be at the forefront of producing new and powerful weapons for Mandalore and the general galactic population. Those interested in having our equipment produced for them should contact the leader of MandalMotors for pricing and availability for production services. Those interested in a challenging work experience should submit their application to MandalMotors. Many positions and duties are available, including raw material and npc transport, ship production, infrastructure construction, and of course helping all sister MandalCorps factions.