Name: Brutus Verlasy
Race: Nautolan
Place of Birth: Endor
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Black
Height: 1,89 meters
Weight: 80 kilos
Feature: pale skin, almost white.
Ship: N/A
Weapons: N/A

Brutus is a second generation Nautolan, he was not born in Gleen Anselm but in Endor, son of a not so successful trader, named Pira Verlasy. On the day he was born, his mother, Yerala, a beautiful Nautolan, trapped in an unhappy arranged union with a much older Pira Verlasy, dreamed with four oversized Bordoks running on the dense jungles of Endor, destroying everything on their path. This made Yerala believe that the newly born was destined to bring her freedom and that he was special.

Despite the strong and natural bond to her son, Yerala craved for real love, and so, 4 years after being a mother, she ran away with the first Naboo freighter pilot that showed a minimal interest in her. The single image Brutus remembers of Yerala, is one of a beautiful but crying face, telling him the dream she had when he was born.

Pira decided to move back to Gleen Anselm with nothing but failed business, a son he could not understand and the shame of a running wife. Brutus would keep himself away from everyone else, played alone, spent countless hours on swamps thinking, running from his past and that last sentence “You are meant for great things Brutus, I have seen it”.

Seasons came and seasons went, soon he became a young and lonely adult without any purpose or special skills, drifting, not knowing what to do with his life, or how to accomplish what was expected of him. His only family, Pira was killed because of some debts, and so he was stuck in a small local shop to make a living.

And it was in a delivery mission that he found Semog Anaoj, a beautiful and married Twi’lek. It was love at first sight, and not only for him, but for her as well. In the illusion of having found some light in his life, he tried to aproach her. But all he could find was anxiety and madness. He managed to meet her a few times, and in one of those secret meetings they kissed and he told her the depth of his feelings, only to be suprised by her confession of feeling something very strong for him aswell, even if she did not know what it was. But since she was tied to a long relationship Semog would not risk leaving her husband and what she had accomplished so far. To her, Brutus was nothing more then a test to her feelings that soon would be over, or so she desired.

The situation lasted for months, he could only see her in the distance, envy the hands that touched her, the mouth that kissed her. Slowly believing that she did not feel the same about him.

On Year 4 he received her message. She stated how she was confused, how her feelings would grow every day for him, how her eyes would naturally search for the white skinned nautolan in the middle of the crowd. But to his total surprise, she then would ask him to leave the planet, to a place she could never see him or hear his name again, because she was unable to deal with those feelings. Thorn apart, Brutus felt completely lost, and so he left the planet, running as far as he could from his past, just like his father did before.

He took a job as a prospector in a local mining group in the Tapani Sector, a lonely job, that fitted his lack of social skills perfectly. He spent a couple of years with them, until the group was dissolved due to economic reasons. Without even a ship of his own, Brutus could only pay for a small transport, and so, he decided to travel to the near sector of Abrion, the home of the Mandalorians, joining MandalMining.

From day one, Brutus was impressed with the Mandalorian Culture, with the values that rules Mandalorians, but mostly, with the sense of "family" that for the first time he could fell. Brutus knew that was the time to stop running.