Name: Nicolas Viran
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Onboard freighter, somewhere on way to Corellia.
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1,82m
Weight: 74kg
Feature: N/A
Ship: Firespray- Vercopa
Weapons: ELG-3a

Nicolas Viran was the only son of Neira and Bren Viran. Neira was a daughter of a wealthy Alderaanian Merchant, a descendant of a Senator from the Old Republic Senate, and Bren was a poor pilot from Corellia. They had met when Bren was transporting a shipment of clothes to his new employer to Alderaan. She was young and quite pretty, he was slightly older than her. They had met few times, but Neira's father did not like his daughter's new ?friend?. Young pair ran away from Alderaan when it was sure that Neira was pregnant. While they were travelling to Corellia Neira gave birth. Thay had a son, Nicolas.

They had lived on Corellia for few years. Bern was fascinated about Galactic Empire, he saw a chance to restore peace and order to the galaxy after corrupt Republic. He imbued the same thoughts to his son.

But family life wasn't great. Young parents were often arguing. Their love wasn't something beautiful like they thought when they was leaving Alderaan. When Nicolas was 11 years old his father left him and his mother and went to the Coruscant with hope that he could help Empire by serving as civil pilot. Next years were very difficult for very young Nic. Neira had tried to educate Nicolas but he wanted to run from his mother. He always wanted to join Imperial Academy. At age 16 he finally ran from home. One of the traders on Corellia was looking for a pilot so he had hired Nicolas. Young human have learned basics of repairing ships, also he was personal pilot of this trader for almost whole year...

When he was 17 he had land for the first time in his life on Carida planet. He knew that Imperial Academy is placed there so he decided to left his employer and try to get into the Academy and become Imperial pilot in the future. Even with huge ammount of work he wasn't accepted into the Academy. To survive he had to find a job, happily for him a gun trader on Careda was looking for someone to hire as shopkeeper. Nicolas have learned there basics about projectile and non-projectile weapons, he was practicing every day after work so he has learned how to shoot, reload and use weapons. He prefered smaller ones and never tried to use heavy weapons used by soldiers on battlefields. His new employer was often receiving bribes from strange, suspicious persons. One day, Nicolas had learned that his employer was affilated with Rebel Alliance.

After few months of work in the weapons shop he had been fired. Without any other options to choose he once again took a job as a pilot. This time he had to pilot civil ships transporting passangers within Imperial-controlled sectors. Like his father he was fascinated about Galactic Empire. He hoped that someday he could help Empire in the best way he could. He still hoped that someday he would become an Imperial pilot but after his failure with the Imperial Academy it was nearly impossible to become Imperial in the future. His thoughts about Empire was same as his father. In his life he had met Rebels. He despised them. Nico didn't understand their fight for rotten Republic full of corupted senators.

When Nicolas was 20 he has exited hyperspace in Abrion sector, home of a security group named Mandalorians. They were allied with the Empire. First person that he had met was a wookiee, Vong Gin`aal. Vong was an officer in the Mandalorian Navy. After a few days Nicolas had to fly further to Tatooine - his previous destination. But he, at last, knew what he wanted to do. As soon as he land on a desert planet he left his employer's ship, took credits that he had earned for few years of work as a pilot and send message to Mandalore. He hoped that this time he would have more luck than with the Imperial Academy. He received the respond few hours later. From now on he was a Mandalorian student in the Academy placed on Abrion Major. After some time ship, that was send there to take Nicolas to his new home, landed on Tatooine...

In the Academy Nicolas has learned about Mandalorian culture and history. During this time Nic learned much things about naval tactics, but he never wanted to be commander on big, capital ship. He prefered smaller ships like fighters. Whenever he had an occasion he trained on combat simulators to improve his piloting skills. After few months of learning Nicolas has graduated with good ratings, was promoted to Flight Corporal and assigned to 4th Fighter Wing in Mandalorian Navy. Few days after graduation Nicolas was approved in Par`tay`on- one of the Mandalorian clans.