General Clan Information

There are two hundred races of Mandalorians, which are found amongst ten thousand individual clans. Those ten thousand clans are usually composed of five 'tribes' each, with a tribe encompassing one distinct family and extended family. For the most part, a Mandalorian is defined by his or her clan, and then by tribe/family within that clan.

Clans are defined by their geographic location, their potential for certain endevours, and physical traits which all members carry in some form or another. One clan may be known for their intelligence, another for their technological prowess, and yet another for their dominance in the physical domain. Some may have predominantly resided by the oceans, while others found a home in the mountainous Southern continent, each location bringing more personality and definition to the clan itself.

A clan tends to pass along at least one (if not several) visible physical traits to its members. The trait could be something distinct, such as a dimple, a widow's peak, or an unnatural shade of color for the hair, eyes or skin; it could also be something subtle, like a common color combination for the hair, eyes and/or skin present in the vast majority of clansmen. It could even be an instinctual tendency or set of instinctual tendencies passed along due to the traditions and way of life the clan leads in the region of the planet it occupies.
The eldest remembered head of each clan, perhaps three millennia in the past, is considered to be that tribes 'Faith', or 'totem'. All the people within that race worship their totem, the name of which is generally used as the war cry for the clan itself. Though the Mandalorians are not a religious people, they look to their totems for guidance.

Many old Human customs brought over via the colony ship faded from existance over time as clans began to develop their own sets of traditions and cultural standards for behavior. An example would be that there is no longer a custom such as 'marriage' on Mandalore. A few clans still recognize the claiming of but one mate to bear children with for extended periods of time, possibly until death. The majority of clans, however, operate under the assumption that a man and a woman can bear a child together if the two mutually decide to do so, with no ceremonial custom bringing the two together before or after the child's birth and with no restrictions applied that would keep the two together as a family unit, or keep either from going forth and bearing a child with someone else. This arrangement has brought an extreme genetic variation to the Mandalorian race. Barring internal clan-related circumstances, the offspring of a mating will spend half a year with the mother and the other half with the father. On occasion, (and again, depending on the clan or clans in question) the mother and father will choose to live together.

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