Clan V'r'caah

Clan Overview:
Because only those possessing the most talent would depart from the clan lands for a military career, only those possessing great talent in their fields would be selected. As this would be a great honour, they serve with distinction, pushing to excel in whatever field they choose. They also bear the symbol of their clan on their uniform whenever possible, the symbol of a fierce, predatory cat (the Ktynga) pouncing, fangs and claws bared.
- For males or females to be in the Mandalorian Navy, they would require a minimum of above average in the mechanical skills, with a terrific score in the piloting field of choice. Clan members are not renowned for being team players, and would very rarely wish to serve CapOps, as StarOps would provide more personal freedom.
- Agile as the great hunting cats themselves, this should be reflected in a clan member's stats. Base level Dexterity should be high, concentrated in dodge (Average to above-average dodge for males, above average or higher dodge for females). Strength and awareness skills should be at least average, if not above that.
- Technical and Knowledge skills would generally fall around what is considered average or just below average. Technical skills are not very enhanced in V'r'caah clan members, and as a whole, do not exceed average for any member of the clan. - - For the Army, males and females alike would require at the very least an above average brawling and blaster skill. Because of their cunning nature and affinity for the applications of hunting techniques, Clan V'r'caah members would most likely excel in the fields which require a stealthy approach more than merely brute strength and the use of large mechanized weaponry or highly technological devices.

Clan history:
Great hunters of the western coast, the Clan V'r'caah are strong-willed, aggressive and ruthless. Predatory in nature, instincts controlling much of their actions, the members of this clan pride themselves in their hunting abilities, as well as their personal honour. Many families belong to the Clan V'r'caah, including the most well known of them all, the family Dra'kmus.

The clan is predominantly run by the females, the eldest females of each family of the clan forming what could be considered the coven or higher council for the clan. The eldest of the family Dra'kmus currently leads the clan, and is a direct descendant of the woman whom was of the original 5000 colonists and founded the clan here by the coast so long ago. Luu'naC'hki, was a strong willed woman, passionate about her cause and opinions. She gathered up the few she could who were willing and able to make the treacherous journey to the west, as her instincts told her only there would they find somewhere suitable to call home. She was the first to observe the dangerous predatory cats of the new found clan lands and live to tell about it, learning much from the large beasts and sharing what she knew with the others to aide in hunting the smaller creatures of the wilderness as a food source. This added source of food saved the clan from famine and near extinction in its early days, and later proved to be the most valuable skill passed down through the generations.

Even though the clan lands of the V'r'caah are civilized in nature, the clan continues to practice its hunting techniques and hone in on those instinctive skills, beginning early in youth. The young are taught the hunting ways of the Ktynga, (a fierce, predatory cat native to the areas of the western coast) as well as the Pna'kotic (a bird of prey which feeds on the creatures of the water by the clan lands), and are encouraged to hunt in this manner as often as opportunity arose. The females usually took to the hunting ways of the great cats, while the males more aptly pursued the ways of the large birds of prey.

The Family Dra'kmus has ruled the clan since it's founding on the Western coasts, the oldest living female of the family holding the position of Clan Leader and head of the Council of Elders. The offspring of the ruling line of Dra'kmus are raised to be strong and assertive, and are typically ruthless by nature. Within their clan, their strong qualities are what have kept them in the ruling line.

Clan traits:
- Members of the clan V'r'caah are mainly dark-haired and green-eyed.
- Females, on average, range in height from 5'7"-5'11". They prove to be lithe and stealthy enough to make considerably skilled huntresses when it comes to tracking and killing creatures of the land. The females have adapted to the hunting styles of the Ktynga and have, over the years, developed stronger nails and teeth of a slightly pointed nature, as well as other catlike behavioural traits and hunting instincts. The females are usually quick of thought and should be able to adapt well to their surroundings, and on occasion have proven to be fair pilots... not as much so, however, to rival the piloting skills of the males. Females of the descending line of Dra'kmus tend to carry the trait of blue eyes through the generations, and tend to mate with blue-eyed males to preserve this trait in their offspring.
- Males, on average, range in height from 5'10" to 6'3". The males of the Clan V'c'raah tend to excel at working with the water, fishing and swimming mainly. They also prove to do well when working with any type of flight, as studying the hunting methods of the Craw-hawks and Pna'kotic (another bird of prey found predominantly on the Western Coasts) has given them a sense of wanderlust for the sky and stars. The males tend to have the broad shoulders of a swimmer, and keep their hair cut in a short style.
- Members of both sexes display the characteristics of being possessive and territorial to a severe degree, especially over potential mates. By nature they are cold and ruthless, and have proven to be cold blooded killers. Despite all this, clan members are always loyal to their cause.
The method by which individuals pair off to reproduce is a very ritualistic process where the female seeks out and hunts a male, and once he is secured in her control and his potential has been scouted out to the fullest extreme, she decides she is prepared to bear a child and does so. Females generally keep two or three males around for themselves during the time in which they are contemplating bearing a child, and are extremely possessive of these males, not allowing other females to even glance their way without some form of reproach. Females generally must have approval of the oldest living family female, the female that would generally hold a seat on the Council of Elders. This is not a requirement, but has been tradition and is usually upheld by personal choice. When a female of the family Dra'kmus chooses a male, he must be brought before the Council of Elders and approved of by the Clan Leader herself, as well as by the council. (Usually the council will support the Clan Leader's decision on this matter). Females are not encouraged to mate outside of the clan, and females of the line Dra'kmus are strictly forbidden to do so.

Clan Totem:

The clan V’r’caah practically worship their ‘natural competition’ and this is why they learn to be like them. This is also why they carry the symbol depicting the great native hunting cat of their lands as their clan motif.