Tyr DeMeer: Mandalore Warrior Eminence
E-Mail: DeMeer@swcombine.com
ICQ: 2725183
Tyr DeMeer is the Warrior Eminence of Mandalore. He grew up on the worlds of Coruscant, Corellia and Tatooine. He followed his older brother Marks footsep and joined the Galactic Empire. He served several years in the Imperial army, climbing up to the rank of Colonel and executive officers of the entire army, before discovering his heritage and claimed his right as Eminence of Mandalore. Tyr is a follower of a simply code, loyalty and honor for Mandalore. For full history of Tyr DeMeer click here.

Nicolas Viran: Mandalore Military
E-Mail: viran@swc-mandalore.com
Nicolas Viran is an Evaar'la'lor of the Mandalore Military, an experienced pilot and officer that served in several of the former Naval units. During his time in Mandalore he has learned much about the whole galaxy and himself. He joined Mandalore when it was just a security faction still working hard to become Government. But many things have changed since that young, 19 year-old human from Corellia joined Mandalore. For full history of Nicolas Viran click here.

Kalsar Haron: Mandalore Military
E-Mail: kalsar@swc-mandalore.com
ICQ: 275609091
Kalsar Haron is a Be'Mando'ade Cabur of the Mandalore Military who had served in every active division in former Army during his long career in Mandalore, finding his dedication rewarded with more and more responbility on his shoulders. Born on one of the Sriluur moons, he is a simple man who knows life isn't only about "yes" or "no" and is trying to give his best whatever he does for Mandalore.