Tyr DeMeer: Mand'alor
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Tyr DeMeer is the Mand'alor of Mandalore. He grew up on the worlds of Coruscant, Corellia and Tatooine. He followed his older brother Mark's footseps and
joined the Galactic Empire. He served several years in the Imperial army, climbing up to the rank of Colonel and executive officers of the entire army, before discovering his heritage and claiming his right as Mand'alor. Tyr is a follower of a simple code, loyalty and honor for Mandalore. For full history of Tyr DeMeer click here.

Andrew Panzer: MandalMotor Director
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Born on the planet Tatoonie, Andrew never met his mother because she was killed by Imperial stormtroopers attempting to aprehend a fleeing criminal. His father Lucas was devestated by this, and took his young son and left Tatoonie in search of a better life. After many years of travel and hauling cargo on his fathers frieghtor, Lucas and Andrew were forced to abandon their home and jobs when the ship was damaged by pirates attacking the station where they were docked. Lucas then joined the Horizon corporation, where his piloting skills quickly got him promoted to fighter squadron commander. This is where Andrew watched him perish in a failed attempt to disable a CR-90 over Sullust. Andrew was devastated, and stole away from the fleet in the family Y-wing that was now his alone. For full history of Andrew Panzer click here.

Charles Osten: MandalTech Director
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Charles Osten was born on the planet Devaron, located in the Outer Rim. Unhappy with his family life, constantly arguing with his parents, he stowed away on a small freighter and ended up on Tatooine. On Tatooine, he went about trying to acquire the credits to head deeper into the galactic core. Some of his methods however attracted the attention of the local hutt gang. After extorting him out of more credits than he owned, Charles promised to repay them by working as a Bantha farmer. After several years looking after Bantha's, Charles started to enjoy it, marrying a local Devaronian woman, he was content to live out the rest of his days with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately for Charles, a Krayt Dragon had other ideas for him. One fateful day Charles returned home from a business trip to Mos Espa to find his home ranch destroyed. With no trace of his family in the wreckage, Charles has sworn to find his family ever since, wherever his search may take him. A few years into his searchings, Charles joined Mandalore and soon became leader of the Mandalore Academy and later on MandalTech, due to his many interesting tales of adventure from his years of searching for his family. Although not born and bred as a Mandalorian warrior, Charles has always worked to his hardest to be respected as an equal.

Brutus Verlasy : MandalMining Chief Executive Officer
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Brutus is a second generation Nautolan, he was not born in Gleen Anselm but in Endor, son of a not so successful trader, named Pira Verlasy. On the day he was born, his mother, Yerala, a beautiful Nautolan, trapped in an unhappy arranged union with a much older Pira Verlasy, dreamed with four oversized Bordoks running on the dense jungles of Endor, destroying everything on their path. This made Yerala believe that the newly born was destined to bring her freedom and that he was special. For full history of Brutus Verlasy click here.