New player guide

As you may know Star Wars Combine is played via application called Darkness. The base for the Darkness was founded in 1997 and it has been ever since under constant development. Newest addition is Facility Construction, Darkness is just developed like this, new features are added bit by bit and its still far from complete.(upcoming features can be seen in Community -> Coming soon)

There are other ways to play Combine, this system is called White Scenarios. White scenarios could be said to be the practice for the future as they allow players to use features that are not in Darkness yet (combat etc. etc.) RPG (Roleplaying) scenarios are played in message boards moderated by game masters (GM). The game master decides the plot and decides what happens next, players just try to adapt to the situation. White scenarios are a safe way to play your character outside Darkness, if you die in a white scenario this will not affect your character in Darkness. For more information concerning White Scenarios go to [Community] -> [White Scenario Board]. (History: Two years ago there were similar scenarios called Red scenarios. If you died or lost ship in red scenario you lost it also in Darkness' ancestor called ICIS.)

First things to do in Darkness

First thing, all of this has to be done in the members menu, to go to the members menu just press [Members] on the top right corner of you screen.

You also need to get familiarized with the most important menus:
Information: Basic information about your character: name, Experience points, hit points, etc.
Control: Here you can move your character, pilot a ship or drive a vehicle.
Manage: Here you can set basic information about your character and place the link for your avatar.
Inventory: It's in this menu that you can see your credits, you ships and your vehicles, not only those you own, but also those that have been assigned to you, to see them press [Inventory] -> [Ships] / [Vehicles]. If you press the button [Show Stats] you'll be able to see their stats and if you then press [Management] you'll be able to set the list of person and raw materials that are allowed to enter in it, but you'll only be able to see the Management menu if you've been assigned Commander of the ship, being pilot is not enough.

There are two ways to move in Darkness, you can pilot ships and vehicles or you can move your character around, enter a building, a ship or a vehicle.


Movement inside ships, vehicles, buildings or in the outside is the easiest, to do so press [Position] (under ::Control::) there you will find your current location. To move, click the [Travel] button. If you are inside a building/ship/vehicle/space station you will see a rooms map.

Rooms map tells you where you will find the exit, the cockpit and so on. To move inside rooms map just click the arrow buttons. It takes no time to move from one room to another, some buildings or ships might also have more than one floor, if you can go to the upper or lower floor you will see some small stairs near the arrows.
If you are outside, in a city, you will see a different kind of map. To travel just click [Travel], then [City] and you should see boxes like "X:","Y:" and "Speed:" You can click a destination anywhere in a city and calculate your ETA (note: it takes quite much time to move inside the city, rules can be found in [Technical] -> [General Rules] -> [Movement] for more info)
To enter a ship/vehicle you must be at the same coordinates as the ship/vehicle and be in the ship’s or vehicle’s crew list. If both this factors are true you just have to press [Travel] and then the [Board] button for ships or [Enter] for vehicles and then select the ship/vehicle you wish to board. Some vehicles also allow you to go to the atmosphere, where you can board ships. If you’re in space and want to board another ship that is at the same coordinates than the ship you're currently in, you must go to the Exit Room and press [Enter] and then choose the ship you want to enter. The page will reload and you will be in the other ship’s Exit Room.(See the picture on the right for the different types of rooms)


When you come aboard the ship, you should click on "Position". If you are assigned as the ship's pilot you'll then see a small yellow/black image blinking saying "Switch to piloted mode" (see below picture),

you should press it. Most important after that is that you move to the cockpit of the ship. Click on [Travel] for that then start walking through the ship until you find a room that has the icon of the cockpit, if the ship has more than one floor, the cockpit is usually in the upper floors.

Once in the cockpit, the screen should automatically reload and in the [Control] menu on the right side of your screen, the link [Enter Cockpit] should appear. Click on it to access the cockpit functions. I advise you to browse through the different cockpit functions to get to know your ship.

Another good tool to use is the ETA button If you’re travelling to a nearby System and the ETA is 12 days or another absurd time, then it’s because you entered the wrong coordinates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never abort a hyper jump, it’s preferable to wait until the journey is over than to put you, your ship and your crew in danger.
You should only do it if you have a direct order from you CO. In that case, don’t worry, he has already taken all precautions and knows that no harm will come to you. Once having arrived in the system, you engage your sub light drive to move to the correct planet, you do this by pressing [Travel]->[Sub light], moving with your drive is very similar to walking in a city or driving a vehicle, so if you understood that part you won't have any problems here. Unlike Hyper space travel, in sub light travel is perfectly safe to cancel your journey, no harm will come to you.

Can you see that small and yellow/orange moving little thing in the System? It’s sun, if you fly against a sun in your ship, you will die and take your ship and any passenger in it with you, so don't fly in to a sun.

Once you have arrived on the system, you are automatically in orbit. At each planet, there are three levels (from top to down):

- orbit
- atmosphere
- ground

To change between a level, it takes exactly one hour, your ship's speed or your skills in flight has no influence in this action.
To enter the atmosphere of a planet, you must be orbiting the planet and then press [Travel] -> [Planet]. Then a new menu will appear where you will be able to see the planet, its description, its population and other information. You can now choose the coordinates where you wish to enter the planet (default: X=0, Y=0), then you can press [Re-entry] to start your journey to the atmosphere level. Note that you cannot abort this operation. At atmospheric level, you are able to travel around (e.g. to get from city to city), this movement is very similar to walking or travelling in the System.
When descending from atmospheric level to ground level the process is very similar, when you press [Travel] you'll now have another option, [Descend], when you press that button a map of the city will appear that allows you to choose the coordinates where you will enter the city. Then simply press the [Descend] button below the coordinates and you're on your way.
Do not land at landing pads or docking ports. These are not even functional yet to my knowledge. Just land at the location of your passenger (if you know his location) or choose the most central position (not on a building though) in the city so your passenger can easily get to you. It is of course very important you add the handle of your passenger to your passenger list, but an important note here, several characters have been murdered by traitors that were added and were not removed from the crew list, for your own safety you should always have only the essential personnel on your crew list, if you feel that someone is not needed there, you should remove him/her (below picture). You can do that by pressing [Crew list] and then [Add]/[Remove] the person using his handle.

Set your assigned ships NPC to Controlled

In some of your missions you might be given an order to command not a single ship but a whole squadron of ships. A squadron is formed by a maximum of 12 ships, if you’re in command of the squadron the ships will follow you anywhere you go (see Technical -> Rules -> General -> NPCs for more info). First you must have all the 12 ships assigned to you, they must be all of the same type (all Tie-Interceptors, all Tie-Bombers…). Then you press [Inventory] -> [Ships] -> [Manage piloted Ships], there you will find a list of all the ships that have been assigned to you. Then you must select all the ships, using the check boxes that appear, except the one that you will be flying and set those ships to “NPC Controlled”. Then you must set the ship that you’re going to pilot to “Player Controlled”. After that you just have to board the ship that you set to “Payer Controlled”, that part was explained before, and start flying, all the other NPC ships from your squad shall follow you. The process to do this with vehicles is very similar, the only difference is that you’ll have to do this in the Vehicles menu and not in the Ships one.

You are able to have more accurate view of your surroundings in Darkness via Scanning. To be able to scan you just enter the movement or Cockpit mode(Cockpit mode scans ship surroundings and movement mode your characters surroundings) and click Scanner. It will reveal a people list or ship list depending on the mode you are using. In this list you are able to hail and have even closer look of ships via Scan button next to ship image. This accurate scan tells are there any vehicles, ships or passengers aboard the ship. You can also hail in this mode.

Events can be found via "Position" -> "Events" or "Enter Cockpit" -> "Events". Events in position tell you past events in the current room your character is in and Cockpit Events tells you if your ship is being hailed or scanned. It also gives a log when you have departed to Hyperspace etc.etc

Provided by Davsk Carvalm, listed at the New Anzat Order faction site here.