Mandalore Constitution


The Constitution


The Mandalorian Constitution can quite feasibly be described as ‘the birth certificate of Mandalore'. Directed by a militaristic regime in search for honor, naturally, it provides the basic rules, laws and principles required for Mandalore to perform and function as a government body. The Constitution is the fundamental law that expounds all facets of Mandalorian society including citizenship, citizen rights, as well as internal and external affairs.

Background of the Constitution
The Mandalorian Constitution took effect on Year 6 day 85. The drafting and ratification of the constitution was essential as, prior to its assent, Mandalore was merely a paramilitary organization governed more so by its strong code of honour and traditions rather than a concrete framework of rules, principles and laws. With the passage of time, however, Mandalore put into effect a constantly evolving law system, much of which was derived from their code of honour, with some elements being incorporated as actual laws, while others simply became conventions to which the people adhered.

The Constitution remains the fulcrum for all areas of Mandalorian Law and is a monument to the Mandalorian people's decision to approve and be bound by the terms expounded in the Constitution. As all societies change however, it was realised that so must the laws that govern them. As such The Triad, with all members of the Mandalore High Council, were vested with the power to make amendments in the Mandalorian Constitution. In order to prevent a breach of conduct, such amendments are performed in the nature of a vote, with no single member being able to make constitutional changes.

The Government Structure
The Constitution dictates that the leading government body is the Triad, which consists of the Mandalorian Warrior Eminence, the Head of Navy and the Head of Army; with the heads of both military arms performing advisory roles to the Warrior Eminence. In the event of a need of change in the constitution or other such paramount events, the Mandalore High Council is convened, which is constituted of The Triad, in addition to each Corporate Head and exclusively appointed individuals.

Militaristic Government and Code-of-Honour
Mandalore is first and foremost a militaristic society headed by a militaristic regime. The glorification of the ideals of a professional military class fuels the Mandalorian way of life. Consequently, a predominance of the armed forces in the administration and policy of all branches of Mandalore is clearly existent and, as such, military preparedness is of primary importance.

The Mandalorian Constitution prohibits the enactment of laws that infringe fundamental freedoms and rights, such as freedom of speech. In short, an individual's rights cannot be violated unless certain factors exist, such as the performing of illegal, illoyal or dishonorable behaviour. These rights are outlined in The Constitution.


Table of Provisions

Article I. – Citizenship
Article II. – The Warrior Eminence
Article III. – The Legislative
Article IV. – The Mandalore High Council
Article V. – The Bill of Rights
Article VI. – Ratification and Amendment
The Schedule

Article I. Citizenship
1. Citizen of Mandalore shall be defined as an individual owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of the Mandalorian Sovereignty.

Article II. The Warrior Eminence
2. The Warrior Eminence of Mandalore shall be vested in Tyr DeMeer, the standing Warrior Eminence. This position has the right to Permanency of Tenure, and shall be responsible for the conferral of his authority to a successor of his sole choosing.

2.1. The duties of the Warrior Eminence shall be to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the Mandalore High Council (MHC), to exercise the powers to eject members (which he may confer with the current Triad as his deputies), to appoint the Chief Ministers of Executive Departments, to appoint with the consent of The Triad Ambassadors and other agents, to put into effect treaties, provided the present Triad concurs, to convene The Triad for any purpose whatsoever in accordance to his needs, to veto actions of The Triad, and to declare war for the defence or benefit of Mandalore and its allies and friendly sectors deemed to be under attack by aggressor governments, sectors, and corporations.

2.2. Any individual that is not a member of MHC or a Mandalore citizen shall not be eligible for election to become appointed to any executive office or ministry of Mandalore.

2.2.1. The Ministers of the following Executive Departments shall serve at the discretion of the Warrior Eminence and carry out such duties as assigned, with power to appoint their deputies and handle both foreign and domestic affairs in the aspects of their departments, subject to the approval of the Warrior Eminence.

2.3. The Ministry of Immigration, with responsibility for seeking out worthy new members and encouraging them to join and participate in Mandalore.

2.3.1. The Ministry of Education, with responsibility to assist new members in learning the traditions, procedures and culture of Mandalore.

2.3.2. The Ministry of Labour, with responsibility to monitor members performing menial tasks and the initiation of contracts with other service-providing factions as required by the Warrior Eminence and the Mandalore Government.

2.3.3. The Ministry of Intelligence, with responsibility of securing military and political information about external influences and bodies for the benefit of Mandalore. This entails the analysis of diplomatic reports, official broadcasts, statistics, espionage and counter-intelligence.

2.3.4. The Ministry of Culture, with responsibility of documenting, filtering and relaying all forms of information not already tasked to other government departments.

2.4. Other officers may be appointed by the Warrior Eminence with the consent of the Triad, including the following, none of whom shall have a seat in The Triad:

2.4.1. The Cartographer-General, responsible for the obtaining, filtering and documenting of the geographic and economic information of Mandalore.

2.4.2. The Registrar-General, responsible for maintaining the authentic text of the Constitution, history, and other important documents and media of Mandalore and as such other records shall be directed by the Warrior Eminence, The Triad, and Cartographer-General.

2.4.3. Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining relations with the allied, neutral, or hostile governments, sectors, and corporations to which they are assigned and gaining information about the activities of the aforementioned bodies.

Article III. The Legislative
3. The Legislative authority of Mandalore shall be vested in The Triad of Mandalore.

3.1. The Triad shall be comprised of the Warrior Eminence, the head of the Mandalore Navy, and the head of the Mandalore Army. The Warrior Eminence leads the triad which is in turn the high command of the military branches of the army and navy.

3.2. Ministers shall be appointed for an undefined term of office, meaning that Ministers retain the right to permanency of tenure unless dictated otherwise by the Warrior Eminence or members of The Triad. Ministerial change shall be documented under the direction of the Registrar-General.

3.3. The Triad shall have the powers to approve statutes for the better governance of Mandalore, ratify treaties, approve the appointment of ambassadors, advise the armed services officers, appoint subordinate tribunals to act as courts within Mandalore, hold tribunals on appeal of judgments for violation of the constitution and statutes, and function as the Supreme Court of Mandalore.

3.4. Actions of The Triad shall require a quorum of all Triad members.

Article IV. The Mandalore High Council
4. The Mandalore High Council is the administrating arm of Mandalore, subject to the authority of the Warrior Eminence as Commander-in-Chief. No action of the MHC shall have authority to intervene with or override decisions of the Warrior Eminence.

4.1 MHC shall act as an advisory role concerning matters relating to the defence of Mandalore and its allies and friendly sectors, governments, or corporations deemed to be under attack, embargo, or any other diplomatic siege by aggressors. The counsel of the MHC bears no authority in relation to military direction.

4.2 The primary constituents of the MHC are the Warrior Eminence, Head of Navy, Head of Army, in addition to Mandalorian Corporate Heads, Director of Intelligence and exclusively appointed advisors.

Article V. The Bill of Rights
5. The following are recognized as the inalienable rights of a citizen of Mandalore.

5.1. Self-determination. The general government of Mandalore shall make no law or regulations restricting one's own conduct unless his or her behaviour(s) conflict with Mandalorian Law or conventions. Retributive punishment will take effect in the event of such breaches of Law and conventional law.

5.2. Freedom of speech. The general government shall make no law restricting the freedom of speech within Mandalore beyond those rules governing all participation in forums and interests of security. In keeping with the Mandalorian rules of etiquette, the following behaviours will constitute grounds for immediate ejection from the faction and reporting to those invested with the power to deal with such matters:

5.2.1. Failure to comply with decrees and official orders put forth by the Warrior Eminence, The Triad, as well as Commanding Officers. Perpetual voiced refusal of the aforementioned is a distinct act of insubordination.

5.2.2. Posting of any content considered spamming, including content that is obscene, illegal, threatening, malicious, defamatory, or otherwise understood to be spam. This applies to name-calling, mottos, and other customizable fields, any messages written, images posted, or any other content uploaded or linked to Mandalore, as well as foreign individuals, groups and organizations.

5.2.3. Also prohibited is the practice of "griefing." Griefing is conducting oneself with the primary intent of annoying or offending other people. Such behaviour is considered an infringement of Mandalorian Law.

5.2.4. Attempting to steal another person's identity. This is fraudulent behaviour and breaches Mandalorian Law and conventions. The same applies to any attempt to impersonate another individual, obtaining information illegally and also includes attempting to hack member or faction personal details and confidential information.

5.3. Known members of hostile, enemy, or rouge governments, factions, or corporations may be arrested/executed at the discretion of the Warrior Eminence and The Triad.

5.3.1. All forms of treason are grounds for capital punishment. The Triad shall act as the Supreme Court of Law, presiding over matters of treason and defection.

5.4. Reservation of powers. Powers not enumerated in this Constitution shall be reserved to the citizens of Mandalore. Laws thus far prescribed by The Triad, the Mandalore High Council and the Mandalorian Government are conveyed in Appendix I.

Article VI. Ratification and Amendment
6. The Ratification of this constitution shall take place one full week following its promulgation by His Warrior Eminence Tyr Demeer, after which members not willing to observe its provisions may take liberty to affiliate themselves with another faction or government.

6.1. Proposal of amendments. Whenever an approved of amendment to this constitution is submitted to the Triad with the written endorsement of ten citizens, it shall be the duty of the Triad to poll all citizens concerning the proposed amendment for one full week.

6.2. Enactment of amendments. The Triad shall consider a proposed amendment, which shall be passed if it receives the support of three-fourths of the voting body.



I, HANDLE, do solemnly swear and sincerely affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Warrior Eminence Tyr Demeer, His heirs and His successors according to law.

We, the citizens of Mandalore, in order to provide for our common defence, ensure justice and freedom to state these following statements as law within Mandalore space and outside our sphere of influence. We will strive to have peace between our planets, sectors, and systems, and promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for Mandalore. Mandalore citizens and our posterity do establish this Constitution for Mandalore and agree to uphold these laws, beliefs, and rights.

The Warrior Eminence has the right to make exceptions and changes to the above listed constitution without any prior notification.