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Mandalorian race
The Mandalorians were originally a gray-skinned humanoid race that descended from a warrior race similar to what they became. They became the Mandalorian Crusaders, which refers to a religious campaign. This religion was simply the following and worship of War, which was like a god to them. They followed a set of morals and code called the Canons of Honor, which aimed at helping warriors attain personal glory via combat and loyalty to one’s clan.

The Mandalorian Crusaders were genocidal at times, being responsible for the complete removal of the Fenelar, Tionians, and Kuarans, later the Ithullans as well. The only race to survive a full Mandalorian onslaught was the Mandallian Giants, which earned enough honor to later fight alongside the Mandalorian shock troops.
After a huge defeat at Malachor V, the Mandalorians only suffered a minor setback. Rather than being crushed by their defeat by the Jedi and Republic, they were convinced of the approach of an apocalyptic “Great Last Battle” and spent twenty years building up a huge army (during these twenty years our RP is set), recently beginning to accept aliens into their ranks and training them in the Mandalorian way and the Canons.

this was the name taken by the commanders of the ancient Mandalorian warriors. The original Mandalore became known as Mandalore the First, and subsequent leaders added descriptive words to differentiate themselves.

Ancient Mandalorian

Mandalore the First
this ancient Mandalorian warrior was the first of his kind to take control of the various sects and unite them under a common leader. He was generally credited with leading the invasion that conquered the planet Mandalore, which was believed to have been named for him.

Mandalore the Indomitable
this was the name of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader who took control of the ancient brotherhood shortly before the onset of the Great Sith War. Mandalore the Indomitable was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma during the fighting, and agreed to help Ulic during the Sith War. He helped Ulic realize that Aleema was misleading him, but continued to fight for the Sith. Mandalore sent his forces to Kemplex Nine, while he himself went to Coruscant to rescue Ulic and Exar Kun. After regrouping their forces, the Sith Lords ordered the Mandalorians to descend on Onderon. Mandalore agreed to the mission, and attacked Iziz. However, his forces were overcome Onderon during a pass of the Dxun moon, and fled to the moon for refuge. There, Mandalore the Indomitable was killed by one of the Dxun beasts.

He stays the most famous in history, the one who lived 4000 years before the Republic's downfall, and who came to serve the famous Ulic Quel Droma during the Great Sith War. Supreme chief of the Mandalorians, he directed his troops to the combat and conquered planets for the honour and glory of his people. Venerated by his men, he was an exceptional fighter and an excellent tactician. Mandalore met Ulic Quel Droma in the plains of Harkul on the Kuar Planet. There, the two men give combat. In spite of his force and experience of the combat, the Chief cannot do anything against this Sith Lord and efen he must decline in front of him. But instead of being killed by Ulic, he is being proposed to join the Great Sith War with the mandalorians and to enter his service to fight the republic.

thus the mandalorians enter the war on the sides of the sith and the Kraths. Very quickly mandalore leads his men victory after victory, until the attack of Coruscant. Whereas the defeat of the republic seems close, Ulic's Partner, Aleema Keto decides to betray him and orders to the troops to stand back when the Sith Lord is isolated. Mandalore obeys even though the cards are not in his hands. It is only later that he understands the whole of Aleema's plan. To deliver his master, mandalore can only do one thing but to ask for the assistance of a powerful ally: Exar Kun. The two men, accompanied by some bodyguards, go on Coruscant. There, exar Kun's capacities enable them to get Ulic out.

Once Ulic has returned to his station, mandalore reveals Alemma's treachery to him. The Mandalorians then continue the war in different battles. But it is another objective, Onderon, which will ring the knell of Mandalore. Whereas his troops have a difficult time against the Beats Riders, who have thE advantage of have the experience of fighting flying enemies. ;amdalore must also fight a reinforcement of Republicans. Completely submerged by the enemy troops, Mandalore has to order a general walk back towards the close moon of Dxun, where he thinks of gathering forces.

Unfortunately, Mandalore's mount is shot, and is crushed in the thick jungle of Dxun, isolated of the remainder of his men. There, his corpse is attacked by the beasts of the forest. His body and armor will be later discovered by his men. And one of these men then became the new Mandalore.

Mandalore the Indomitable in ritual mask

Mandalore the Indomitable on Harkul fields

Mandalore the Ultimate
this was the title used by the leader of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the era of the Old Sith Wars. Mandalore the Ultimate took control of the Mandalorian survivors after the death of Mandalore the Indomitable on Dxun, rallying the survivors of the Great Sith War and forming the Neo-Crusaders in the process. This Mandalore believed that the Great Last Battle was at hand, and accepted beings of any race to join him in the quest for immoratilty through combat. During the Mandalorian Wars, Mandalore the Ultimate was vanquished by the forces of the Old Republic, and the Mandalorian order was again left battered and leaderless.

Mandalore the Resurrector
Name adopted by the clone trooper known as Alpha-02, after he escaped from Kamino and traveled to Mandalore. Alpha-02 was obsessed with restoring the Mandalorian Protectors after Jango Fett's memories were unlocked in his mind.

Member of the mandalorian shock troopers during the last decades of the Republic, Vizsla was a cruel and ambitious man whose single objective was always to rise to the top of the hierarchy of the mercenary organisation. Principal rival of Jaster Mereel, he could not stand that the latter became new chief instead of him. So he organized a coup d’état within the Mandalorians. But his group was in minority which condemned him to failure and exile. Vizsla then left the Mandalorians and founded a competitor group: Death Watch.
Even though he also had, in theory, a mercenary group, his principal objective was always impregnated by revenge. In spite of his efforts, Death Watch did not have the level of it’s competitors, and made it clear that his new objective was to eliminate Jaster Mereel and his men. This also gave him the opportunity to give his old comrad a lesson.

The most important battle which took place between the two camps happenned on the Mereel’s homeworld planet : Concord Dawn. But Vizsla had missed his chance and let a small group escape of which were Mereel and Montross (these two mandalorians will be discussed with more detail in later parts). They were being helped by a young boy called Jango Fett. A few hours later, whereas Vizsla believed he was the Master of the place, he had the unpleasant surprise of falling in a trap laid by the mandalorians. His armoured tank was pulverised by a bomb and he found himself in front of Jango… for his misfortune, Vizsla had just massacred all the boy’s family, who gave him a taste of his blaste rat bearing end, leaving him for dead.

But Vizsla was only wounded. Disfigured by Jango and condemned to a slow rehabilitation, he decided to remain in the shadows in order to strenghten his organisation and create a plan which would enable him to destroy the Mandalorians. So he remained discreet during several years, and for some… Death Watch are nothing but part of the past. A past which however will not take long to re-appear.

Vizsla finally finishes his plannings and he can now come out of the shadows. He contacts the Kordian government to propose a deal. He wants their participation in in his trap in exchange of weapons and a military drive. The plan consists of attracting the Mandalorians in a false mission, it consists of making them believe that they would meet almost no resistance. Actually, Kordians and the Death Watch are lurking in the dark, heavily armed, to accomodate their enemies.
Mereel and his men fall in the trap. The battle of Korda 6 turned to disaster and the losses were enormous in Mereel’s ranks. Several tens of soldiers died or dissapeared. A lot of the vessels were lost, but worst of all, Jaster Mereel was killed by a direct shot from Vizsla.
In spite of this bright victory, Vizsla was not satisfied. The Mandalorians had found a new chief in the person of Jango Fett and their threat stayed intact. I twas necessary for him to think of another plan, and this time he wanted to get rid of all the Mandalorians. The occasion

Came a few months later, with the help of the corrupted governor of Galidraan. Indeed, for a long time, the local government and the Death watch had been trading.
Vizsla then imagines a subtle plan : to attract the Mandalorians to Galidraan, to organize the massacre of several civilians, and to contact the central government of Coruscant to accuse his enemies. Thanks to the assistance of the governor, the plan went perfectly well, and about fifty Jedi Knights arrived, lead by Count Dooku. The turn up just at the right time to stop the massacre. The battle that follows will completely exterminate the Mandalorians except for their chief, who is captured and givent to the planet’s authorities. This time, Vizsla is completely satisfied.
His error was that of not killing Jango straight away. Because Vizsla wished to make him suffer as much as possible. So he sold him like a slave, and then set out again to manage his business. During several long years, Jango remained in captivity, alone and forgotten of all. On the other side, Vizsla and the Death Watch thrive. He does not have any rivals left to defeat.

But Jango manages to escape and launches out to try and find Vizsla. He achieves his revenge a little later, while his enemy’s ship is in approach of Corellia. Jango launches his ship on a collision vector and puts his ship on autopilot. His ship then collides with the other ship’s engines. The explosion which follows paralyses the vesse land gives Jango the time to conduct an attack. Thanks to his armour, he destroys the bridge and enters, he then engages a duel with Vizsla.
But the Death Watch chief is an excellent fighter, and he manages to neutralize Jango Fett. Realizing that his ship is lost, he ejects himself on board of a rescue capsule, immediatly followed by a furious Jango. The two men continue fighting on ground. Without knowing it, Vizsla saves Jango’s life by poisoning him with a stun poison. While the two men are exhausted and that Jango cannot move anymore because of the poison, some beasts come upon them and eat Vizsla. But they do not harm Jango, sensing a dangerous substance in his body, and leave him in peace.

Jaster Mereel
Originating from the planet Concord Dawn, Jaster Mereel embraces the carrer of Protector at a very young age, but his life radically changes when he kills another guard. In spite of the fact that the victim was corrupted and that Jaster had acted in his mandate’s right, the story made great noise among the people and he was imprisoned, and then juged hastily. Condemned for murder, he nevertheless profits from a certain indulgence an dis exiled from Concord Dawn.
This period of his life is largely ignored. It is believed that he wandered from planet to planet without real goal, and living on small jobs. In such circumstances, the former Protector integrated a galactic group of mercenary reputation : The Mandalorians.
He then undertook a rigourous training and several years of effort, but Jaster was certainly one of the best and finally became a full Mandalorian. He then rose in the hierarchy of the organisation and gained respect from his companions. According to the modern mandalorian tradition, the chief was the only person capable of electing the next. Mereel was finally designated chief of the Mandalorians.

Most of the time in these situations, the happiness of some made the other’s misfortune, and Jaster Mereel’s designation caused great tensions, which was lead by the claims of a man as ambitious as he was cheat : Vizsla (biography made earlier). Vizsla, eager to be recognized chief of all Mandalorians, assembled a mini coup d’état within the mercenary organization, but his position was only defended by a few followers. He ended up leaving the Mandalorians and formed a competitor group and named it : Death Watch.
As Mereel ahd expected, Vizsla and the Death Watch did not wait to attack. Returning to his home planet, the former Protector fell in an ambush laid by the Death Watch, and losing men in the battle. He was then forced to escape and did so with the help of a young boy named Jango Fett. In the confusion of the battle, Vizsla was supposed to be dead, but the future would come to contradict these facts.

After the Concord Dawn ambush, the Mandalorians gathered and Jaster Mereel decided to continue business unaware of the Death Watch’s threat. He took Jango under hi swing and formed him like his adoptive son. The following years were rather calm, and the Mandalorians did not intend to ever speak of the Death Watch anymore. Some even suppose that the organization had dissolved itself, lacking a chief.
More than ten years after the events of Concord Dawn, whereas Jango became a young combattant, Jaster Mereel directed his troops in a mission of great scale on the planet Korda 6. The mission seemed simple : recover a small group of safety officers being insulated and threatened by rebel Kordians. Kordians being brutal and primitive creatures, no serious resistance was to be feared for the over-trained and over-equipped soldiers.

Once their vessels had arrived on the spot, Mereel and his men realized that the resistance was much stronger than they thought. Very quickly, the losses became enormous. He then orders to his men to retreat but Montross, a jealous Mandalorian , decided to use this opportunity to try and takeover the organization by showing the Mandalorians need a strong and courageous chief. To prove his value, he decided to continue the attack against the enemy’s defenses, thus disobeying orders.

However, very quickly, this unwise attack ends in the expected catastrophy, and Montross is quickly in danger. Fortunately for him, Jaster Mereel comes to assist him, but whereas the two men are brought together and try to escape, the instigator of the ambush reveals himself : Vizsla and his men arrive on the battlefield. Jaster Mereel is then found defenseless in front of the enemy’s armoured tank’s guns. Montross, then reveals all his cowardice and uses his jet-pack to escape this uneasy situation. Although he can take the two men, he does not want to risk the possibility of being overweight. Jango then comes running to save Mereel but Vizsla gives a single blast, killing the unfortunate chief.
It is his body alone that Jango brings back to the camp, while at the same time Montross tries to benefit of his death to take his place. But Jango’s comrads are not easily deceived, and Jango finally becomes the new chief. Many years later, Jango’s proper son, Boba Fett, will use Mereel’s final armour, thus starting the rumour that he could be Jaster Mereel himself.

Influential and active member of the famous Mandalorian warriors, Montross quickly rose to the top of the mercenary group’s hierarchy, to be able to claim one day the rank of chief of the organization. But if he distinguished himself on many occasions, Jaster Mereel never really granted all of his confidence to him, mainly because he had obvious tactical problems and a lack of leadership, two qualities who are however essential to direct the mercenary gruop.
On the contrary of his master, wiser and more careful, Montross was impulsive and very ambitious. Not enough to join the ranks of the Death Watch and Vizsla. Whereas he accompanied Jaster Mereel and a small group of Mandalorians on the planet Concord Dawn, Montross falls with his companions in an ambush laid by the Death Watch. He will be one of the only survivors to escape, thanks to the unexpected assistance of a young boy called Jango Fett orphan by the fault of Vizsla. A young boy who will be taken by Mereel, who raised him like his son.

It is from that moment that Montross will grow the ambition of becoming the new Mandalorian chief instead of Jaster Mereel, whose sentimentalism for Jango would prevent him from exercing properly his functions. Korda 6 does nothing but reinforce Montross’ feelings : whereas he recommends some attack force to face a resistance stronger than anticipated, Mereel orders the retirement of the forces to avoid too much bloodshed. The unexpected presence of Vizsla and the Death Watch-who planned this ambush-reveals the true nature of Montross. In front of a heavily weaponed armoured tank, « Valiant » the Mandalorian prefers to run away thanks to his jet-pack, leaving his chief who is quickly cut to pieces.
Following this catastrophe, Montross tries to benefit from the occasion to take control of the organization. He announces to he other Mandalorians the death of their chief and Jango. But when Fett joins the group with the corpse of his adoptive father, things turn bad for Montross, who is not given any credit. His attempt to become leader vanished, he vanishes from the planet.

From this moment on, Montross became a bounty hunter, and his experience of Mandalorian enables him to quickly aquire a solid reputation of tenacity and professionalism. Just before the Clone Wars, all Mandalorians had been exterminated. Montross is then employed by Darth Tyranus to find Komari Vosa. But his plan changes when he discovers that Jango Fett has also been employed for the job. Consequently the two bounty hunters will not stop trying to neutralize each other. The decisive meeting takes place on Malastare, where Jango luckily escapes death. Although Montross is in a better position, Jango still shows he was not the Mandalorian chief for nothing. And Montross cannot escape the battle.

Fenn Shysa
One of the last known Mandalorian, the legend says the Shysa was sent with 211 of his companions to join the Clone War on Palpatine’s order. Still according to the legend, he would be one of the only survivors of the war along with Tobbi Dala and Boba Fett. When Tobbi and Fenn finally go back to Mandalore, it is only to find a ravaged planet, attacked by people who were exploiting the population. Thanks to the princess Leia Organa, they fought and conquered the enemy shortly after the battle of Hoth. When Tobbi fell in the enemy hands, Fenn captured a bounty hunter called Dengar. But the latter managed to escape the Mandalorians and went to inform the Imperials. The Imperials who quickly came and investigated Fenn’s base, the capital of Kelarbe.
Meanwhile, Fenn and Leia managed to get into the headquarters of those who had attacked Mandalore (the place). They saved Tobbi but could not help Tobbi from getting hit by the Suprema (the chief of the attackers). Finally Tobbi sacrificed himself to help them escape, while Fenn took over the Suprema. After leaving Mandalore for ever, Fenn stayed in touch with the Rebel Alliance, and helped a little in their struggle against the Empire.

Tobbi Dala
One of the last known Mandalorian, the legend says the Dala was sent with 211 of his companions to join the Clone War on Palpatine’s order. Still according to the legend, he would be one of the only survivors of the war along with Fenn Shysa and Boba Fett. When Tobbi and Fenn finally go back to Mandalore, it is only to find a ravaged planet, attacked by people who were exploiting the population. Thanks to the princess Leia Organa, they fought and conquered the enemy shortly after the battle of Hoth During these events, Tobbi was captured while Fenn was also having a captive : the bounty hunter Dengar. The chief of the attackers was using Tobbi’s mandalorian armor as trophy, symbol of his superiority over the Mandalorians.
But his stay was short, for Tobbi was freed with the help of Fenn and Leia. But the Suprema gave him a shot strinking him full chest. Mortally wounded, he still used his last forces to disarm the Suprema, giving his friends a chance to escape. He then shut the anti-explosion doors before the air-speeders (meant to chase his friends) could have had the chance to get through. This caused a huge explosion and then caused a chain reaction, making the whole base explode. Mandalore was free.

Jango Fett (68 BBY - 22 BBY)
Jango was an orphan on the planet of Concord Dawn, home of the heavily-armoured supersoldiers, the Mandalorians. Jango was a young boy when the war between the true Mandalorians and a traitorous scion of their ranks began. Jango was taken in by the Mandalorian leader, Jaster Mereel. Jaster trained Jango to be a warrior, and when Jaster was later murdered by the leader of the mutinous Mandalorians, Jango avenged his death.
When the war was over, the Mandalorians were all but extinct, the remaining few fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy. Jango, using his combat skills, weaponry, and mercenary mindset, became a bounty hunter, piloting his ship, the Slave I. Jango soon became famous for his accomplishments throughout the galaxy, not least of which were the Jedi he killed during the final Mandalorian wars. Despite this, he always considered himself a simple man trying to make his way.

Around the time of the Battle of Naboo, Jango was contacted by a man named Darth Tyranus, who offered him a bounty on his former padawan apprentice, Komari Vosa. Though Jango had to compete with Montross, a former Mandalorian traitor, he succeeded in defeating Vosa, partly with the help of a new ally, a novice bounty hunter named Zam Wesell. Tyranus was impressed; the bounty was a test to determine if the rumors of Jango's skills against a Jedi were true. In addition to the bounty on Vosa, Tyranus offered Jango a tempting sum of money for an unusual task: Jango was to be a template for an army of clones. Jango agreed, and soon millions of clones were created in his likeness at the cloning facility on Kamino. Jango, however, insisted that one clone not be subjected to growth enhancement or personality alteration, and that Jango could raise him as a son. His wish was granted, and the clone was named Boba Fett. Contrary to his claims, Jango was aware that Tyranus was also former Jedi Master Count Dooku, the Separatist leader.
Jango did not fully retire from his career, but he took less jobs and on Kamino, where he raised Boba in the Mandalorian ways, while assisting the Kaminoans in developing training programs for the Clone Troopers. Their armor was even based on the Mandalorian armor Jango wore.

Ten years after the cloning process began, Jango was hired to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala. The plot failed, and Jango was forced to murder his partner, Zam Wesell, to keep his identity secret. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi traced one of Jango's weapons to Kamino, and learned of the clone army, of which the Jedi were previously unaware. Jango and Kenobi initially met on civil terms, but when Kenobi tried to intercept Jango for further questioning, the two clashed in a titanic battle.
Jango and Boba escaped in the Slave I, but Kenobi tracked them to Geonosis, where he learned that Jango and Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus) were in league with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Kenobi was captured and sentenced to death in the arena for espionage, as were Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, who had come to rescue him. Count Dooku, Jango and his son Boba were special guests of the Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser and watched the execution from a private box.
The execution ceremony was disrupted by the arrival of Mace Windu and several other Jedi, and a massive battle broke out between the Jedi and the CIS' battle droids. Jango joined the melee and even killed Jedi Council member Coleman Trebor, but he was ultimately beheaded by Windu in combat.

Jango never lived to see his clones participate in the Clone Wars, which tore the galaxy apart and cleared the way for the Galactic Empire. Nor did he ever see his son Boba continue his bounty hunting legacy, using his father's weapons and ship, as well as the classic Mandalorian armour perfected by Jaster Mereel.

Boba Fett
Born on the planet Kamino somewhere like ten years before the Clone Wars, Boba Fett was really himself a clone, a perfect replica of his father, Boba quickly became an expert in survival techniques and quickly acquired a certain mastery of blaster guns and laser-cannons.
Boba Fett was brought up by his father in the most complete isolation , in the great cities of Kamino, where he was protected not only from great and never-stopping storms, but also his fathers tumultuous career. A few other companions took care of him, Taun We and MU-12.
His life is turned over when a Jedi Knight (Obi-Wan Kenobi) arrives on Kamino to seek Jango Fett. Sent by the Jedi Council to enquire over an assasination plan tried against the senator of Naboo, Kenobi then discovers the Clone Army, replicas of Jango Fett.
When Boba and his father leave the planet to seek a refuge, Kenobi tries to apprehend Jango, convinced of his guiltiness. During the combat opposing the two men on the docking bay, where the family ship is settled. Boba helps his father by sending using the klaser-cannon against the Jedi. Jango finally manages to escape.
Boba and his father go to Geonosis, where resides Jango's employer, the misterious count Dooku. While Boba assists the death of his father's enemies, more then 200 Jedis come out of hiding to free their friends, and a ferocious battle starts between the droids army and the Jedi Knights. Jango also enters the battle, but is decapitated by Mace Windu.


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