Mandalorian Language - Mando'a

Mando'a, sometimes referred to simply as Mandalorian, was the primary language spoken by the Mandalorian culture. Elements of Mando'a were taken from the language of the ancient Taungs of Coruscant, from which the culture stemmed. Plunging into the deepest of mandalorian history, there is also an ancient dialect, found here, which evolved on distant outposts, this dialect is rarely heard today but it still exists in the mind of some mandalorians.

a, a', al but (often al before a vowel)
aalar feel
aaray pain
aay'han bittersweet perfect moment of mourning and joy - """"remembering and celebrating""""
abesh east
abiik air
acyk between
ad daughter
ad son
adade personnel
adate people, persons
ade children, sons, daughters
a'den wrath, rage
adenn merciless
ad'eta twenty
adiik child aged 3 to 13
ad'ika (pl. adike, not adi'kase) little one, son, daughter, of any age - also used informally to adults much like ""lads"" or ""guys"",
adol through
agol living tissue - meat, muscle, flesh - animal or human, ""flesh and blood""
aikiyc desperate
aka mission
akaan war
akaan'ade army
akaanir fight
akaata battalion
akalenedat hard contact
akay, 'kay until, 'til
alii'gai flag, colors
aliik sigil, symbol on armor
aliit clan name, identity
aliit (clan) family
Aliit ori'shya tal'din Family is more than blood. (Saying.)
Alor Chancellor
alor leader, chief, ""officer"", constable, boss
alor'ad captain
alorir lead
aloriya capital (lit. head city)
alor'uus corporal
al'verde commander
am change
an all
anade everyone, everybody
anay every
ani total, complete
aran guard
aranar defend
araniik cordon
aranov defense
ara'novor approach, stand in the way off, block
ara'novor obstruct, defend, bockade
arasuum stagnation,
arasuumir stagnate, remain the same
arasuum'la unchanging, stagnant
arpat seed
aru'e enemy (noun)
aru'ela hostile, enemy (adj)
aruetii traitor, foreigner, outsider
aruetiise traitors, foreigners, outsiders
aruetyc traitorous as, like (comparative)
ash'ad someone else
ash'amur die (esp. violently in battle)
ashi other
Ashnar... Someone has (done) - can be followed by a noun or a verb
ast itself
ast'ehut fat
at to (direction, movement)
at towards, at (motion), to
atin stubborn, tenacious, capable of endurance
atiniir endure, to put up with, to ""take it""
atin'la tough
baar body
baarpir sweat
baar'ur medic
baatir care, worry about
ba'balut on patrol
ba'buir grandfather
ba'buir grandmother
Ba'gedet'ye! You're welcome! (Like the German use of bitte.)
bah to (dative)
bajur education, the raising and nurturing of children - a wider meaning than just school work, includes preparation for life and survival
ba'jurir educate
ba'jurir raise children
bal and
balac opportunity
bal'ban indeed, definitely - emphatic
balyc also
banar happen
bantov nevertheless
barycir deploy
bas neral coarse grain used for animal fodder and brewing; thought unfit to eat
ba'slanar leave, depart, exit
bat on
batnor drunk (lit. on your back)
ba'vodu aunt (plural bavodu'e)
ba'vodu uncle (plural bavodu'e)
ba'yair chew
be of
be, b' possessive prefix or suffix with proper nouns, e.g. be'jetii or (rare) jetiib - the Jedi's. Possessives are sometimes indicated simply by the proper noun preceding the word, e.g.Boba'kad - Boba's saber .
be'chaaj away, afar
behot herb used in beverages, mildly antiseptic and stimulating
beroya bounty hunter
bes'bavar cavalry
besbe kit (slang)
besbe'trayce weapons
bes'bev Mandalorian wind instrument also used for combat: a large metal flute with a sharpened, cut-off end.
be'senaar missile
beskad slightly curved saber of Mandalorian iron)
beskar Mandalorian iron
beskar'ad droid
beskar'gam armor
beskaryc armored
bes'laar music
be'sol priority
besom ill-mannered lout, unhygienic person, someone with no manners (in Mandalorian terms)
bes'uliik basilisk war droid
beten sigh
betenor sigh, to
bev needle, spike
beviin lance
beviiragir to fish - literally, spearing fish, but now applied to any method of catching fish
bevik stick
bic it (very generic use of it)
Bic ni skana'din expression of being angry, repelled or "That really ticks me off." From the words for give and a hated thing, much like "it gives me the scunners."
bid so (degree)
bid...ibac that
bikadinir stab (with a broad blade) - "run through"
bines stack (noun)
binesor stack (verb)
bintar both
birgaan backpack (bergen)
birikad baby carrying harness
birov many
bora job
boracyk penniless, lit. between jobs
borarir work (verb)
bral hill fort, high ground, high defended position
bralir to get the upper hand, to succeed
bralov success
brii'briik grid
briik line
briikarir defilade (verb)
briikasak run-ashore (social event or night out while deployed)
briikase happy
Briikase gote'tuur! Happy birthday!
briirud circle
brokar beat, to
bu'ad grandchild
buir father
buir mother
buirkan responsibility
bui'tsad family lineage (biological - rarely used)
burc'ya friend (also used ironically)
Burc'ya vaal burk'yc, burc'ya veman A friend in need... Lit. a friend during danger is a true friend
burcyan friendship, comradeship, close bond
burk'yc dangerous
buruk danger
burun weather
buurenaar storm
buyacir recognize
buyca bucket, pail
buy'ce helmet
buy'ce gal pint of ale - contents of helmet, actually a lot more than a pint!
buycika cradle
ca night
cabuor protect
cabur guardian, protector
ca'nara time
can'gal starfighter
carud smoke
ca'tra night sky
cerar mountain
ceratir point (verb)
ceryc pointed
cetar kneel in submission (from boot - as in licking someone's boots)
cetare boots
cetar'narir to ""put the boot in""
chaab fear
chaabar fear, be afraid of
chaaj distance
chaaj range
chaaj'yc far
chaashya further
chaavla rough, unruly, of the criminal underclass (by Mando standards, which is very rough indeed)
chaavla sa shebs be'striili rough as a strill's backside - phrase used to describe a bar that's a dive, an uncultured individual (by Mando standards) or a very violent, dangerous neighbourhood
chakaar corpse robber, thief, petty criminal - general term of abuse
chakaaryc rotten, low-life, - generic adjective to describe an undesirable person of dubious ethics
chakur steal, rob
chayaikir tease, barrack, make fun of (not as hostile as mock)
chekar stab (with a small blade) - ""shiv""
chortav street
choruk stone
chur under
cin white
cin vhetin fresh start, clean slate - lit. white field, virgin snow - term indicating the erasing of a person's past when they become Mandalorian, and that they will only be judged by what they do from that point onwards; like the ""first turn of the screw cancels all debts"" for sailors.
cinargaanar fence, launder - of stolen goods etc
cinarin clean (verb)
cin'ciri snow
cinyc clean (adj)
ciryc cold
COO-eer four
Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod? Are you looking for a smack in the face, mate?
copaanir want, to
copad ambition
copad desire
copikla charming, cute (babies and animals - never women unless you want your head ripped off)
copyc attractive (not looks - generally appealing, separate concept for Mandos - and may refer to anything)
Coruscanta Coruscant
cu'bikad Indoor game that involves stabbing blades into a chequered board - a cross between darts, chess and ludo
cunak square
cur'eta forty
cuun our
Cuy ogir'olar It's neither here nor there. ""It's irrelevant.""
cuyan survivor
cuyanir survive
cuyete probability
cuyir exist, be
cuyla probable
cyare beloved, loved, popular
cyare'se loved ones
cyar'ika darling, sweetheart
cyar'tomade fans, supporters, devotees
daab down (direction)
dadita code used by Mandalorians, like Morse
dajun plan
dajunar plan, to plot
dajun'la planned
dala woman
dalab scabbard, sheath
dalyc female
dar gone, temporary
dar no longer
darasuum eternal
dar'buir no longer a parent (legal term - parental divorce by child)
darjetii Sith
dar'manda a state of not being Mandalorian - not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and his soul - regarded with absolute dread by most traditionall-minded Mando'ade
dar'tome separated, apart (of people)
daryc brown
davaab execution, carrying out
dawoor bad smell
daworir stink, reek
dayn out
de by
debaan declination
demagolka someone who commits atrocties, a real-life monster, a war criminal - from the notorious Mandalorian scientist of the Old Republic, Demagol, known for his experiments on children, and a figure of hate and dread in the Mando psyche
demar carve, sculpt
dha dark
dha'haase screen
dha'werd (archaic) stealth
digur forget
di'kut idiot, useless individual, waste of space (lit. someone who forgets to put their pants on)
di'kutla useless, stupid, worthless
dinii lunatic
dini'la insane
din'kartay sitrep, wash-up, any sharing of information and planning (military, also used colloquially)
dinui gift
dinuir give, to
din'waadar sell
diryc low
dirycir lower, put down
dola throughout, pervading, soaked
dos across
doslanir cross, intersect
draar never
dral bright, glowing
dral strong, powerful
dralshy'a stronger, brighter
draluram vivid - used only of food, to indicate strong, distinct flavour, lit. "bright mouth" - one of the four essentials of Mandalorian cooking
drashaar grow, to
droten people
du'car (du'caryc) late
dul half
duraan hold in contempt, look down upon
Duraani, burc'ya? You looking at me funny, pal?
duraanir scorn, hold in contempt
duse rubbish, waste - lit. unclean things
dush bad
dushne worst
dush'shya (doshishya) worse
duumir allow, to
duumyc allowed, approved, permitted, legal
ebin either
echoy search, mourning
echoy'la searching, mourning, lost
echoylir grieve, search, mourn, to
edee jaws
edee teeth
edeemir bite
eesu gas
ehn three
ehn'eta thirty
ekur choke
elek yes (shortened to 'lek as 'yeah')
emuurir like, enjoy (food, activities, etc )
enaabe meters
enteyor must, be obliged to
entye debt
epan stomach, guts (not guts as in courage)
epar eat
eparavur feast, devour, to
eparavur takisit apologise
epar'yaim restaurant, canteen
eso flank
eso side
e'tad seven
etyc dirty, filthy, grimy
evaar youth, newness
evaar'la young, new
eyayah echo
eyaytir flee, escape
eyn an (indefinite article - rare)
gaan hand
gaanader choose
gaan'au laser pointer
gaanaylir trap, catch
gaanla chosen
gaanure hand tools
gaanynir punch, to
Gaa'tayl! Help!
gaa'taylir help
gadi wrist
gaht north
gaht'yc polar
gai name, title
gai bal manda adoption ceremony, lit. name and soul
gaid plate - for armor or food use; armor was often used to heat food over open fires in the field
gaigotalur designate
gai'ka cup
gal ale, alcohol, booze
Gal, ori'skraan, riduur, yaim' dab'ika. Phrase for a ""run ashore"" - brief R and R. (Lit: ""Beer, big eats, good company and return to camp."" Summary of a Mando soldier's idea of a good night out.
galaar hawk
galar spill, pour
gal'gala Let me buy you a drink! Have a drink!
ganar possess, have
gar you (sing. and pl.)
gar your
Gar serim "Yes, you’re right." "That's it."
gar shuk meh kyrayc (meh gar kyrayc, shuk bah ni ) You're no use dead. (You're no use to me dead.) Said to encourage someone to take a rest. Rarely literal.
Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la. "Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be." (Lit: Bloodline is not important, but you as a father are the most valuable thing.) Mando saying emphasising the importance of a father's role, and that a man is judged more by that than his lineage.
gayi'kaab radio
gayiyla everywhere
gayiylir spread
ge almost (before consonant)
gebbar close to, near to
gebi close, near
ge'catra evening
gedeteyar be thankful
gedetir plead, beg
Gedet'ye Please
gedin'la eccentric, cranky, in a mood - literally ""almost insane""
gehat'ik story
gehatyc suspected, believed to be, alleged
ge'hutuun bandit, villain, petty thief - can also mean a serious criminal you have no respect for - abusive
ge'kaan military exercise
gekyrdir incapacitate, knock out
gemas hair
genet gray
geroya game, play (literally nearly-hunt)
ge'sol half
ge'soletar estimate
get almost (before a vowel)
ge'tal red
get'shuk Team game similar to meshgeroya, in that there are goals at either end of the pitch, except the players may handle the ball. Very similar to rugby; brutal, fast and painful.
gett'se courage, nerve
gett'se nuts (generic)
Gev! Stop it! Pack it in!
ge'ver'alor aide
ge'ver'alor bagman
gi fish
gihaal dried fish-meal (like pemmican - lasts for years but very pungent smell)
go'naasir waste, squander
goorar throw
goore grenade
goor'verd grenadier
goran blacksmith, metalworker
gota machine (any device)
gotabor engineer
gotal made, created - as in "-ized" - suffix
gotal'ur make, create
gota'tuur birthday
goten birth
gotenir give birth
goyust road
gratiir punish, to
gra'tua vengeance
gra'tuar avenge
guuror like, be fond of (of a person or creature)
haal breath
haalas chest
haalur breathe
haamyc unusual
haar the - definite article - rare and emphatic
haaranovor hide, conceal
Haar'chak! Damn it!
haashun parchment bread - a thin sheet of bread dried to preserve it, and reconstituted in liquid. Mando ration-pack staple. Made properly, it;s so thin you can read through it, hence the name; 'see-bread'.
haast dry
haastal dried blood, scab (also a term for a lasting emotional scar)
haat truth
Haat o'r an nuhune Mando saying - Many a true word spoken in jest. (Lit: there's truth in all jokes.)
Haat, ijaa, haa'it Truth, honor, vision - words used to seal a pact.
haa'taylir see
haatyc visible
Haatyc or'arue jate'shya ori'sol aru'ike nuhaatyc Better one big enemy that you can see than many small ones that you can't. (Mandalorian proverb.)
haav bed
haavlaam bunk
Haili cetare! Tuck in! Enjoy! Lit. ""Fill your boots.""
hailir fill (verb)
haran hell - literally, destruction, cosmic annihilation
haranov cache
haryc tired
haryc b'aalyc ""tired and emotional"" - i.e. drunk
hayc plain, honest, simple (of people)
hetikles ""noseburn"" - burning sensation in the sinuses brought about by specific spices - Mandalorians prize this
hetikleyc spicy, as in makes the sinuses burn (a sensation like eating horseradish or wasabi)
hettir burn
hettyc burning
heturam "mouthburn" - a sought-after state of intense burning in the mouth brought about by very spicy food - see also hetikleyc
hibir pupil, student
hibirar learn
hiibir take
hodar deceive, fool
hodasal camouflage
hodasalar camouflage, cover up
hodayc cunning
hokaanir cut, slice
hokan'yc sliced, cut up (also slang for heavily defeated)
hoshap spoon
hukaatir cover, to
Hukaat'kama! Watch my six!
hut'uun coward (worst possible insult)
Iba' what a...
ibac that (as in this and that)
Ibac'ner That's mine, it's mine.
ibic this
ibi'tuur today
Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur Today is a good day for someone else to die - Mando saying (because they're not daft...)
iisa fuse
ijaat honor
ika diminutive suffix written as 'ika - also added to a name as a very familiar or childhood form, e.g, Ord'ika - Little Ordo
ik'aad baby, child under 3
irud arm
isirir taste
iviin speed, velocity
iviin'yc fast
jaal numb
jag man
jagyc male (can also mean macho in context)
jahaal health
jahaala well, healthy
jahaal'got health-giving, nutritious, good for you
jahaatir tell lies, deceive
ja'hailir observe, watch over
jai'galaar shriek-hawk
jair scream, shriek
janad spicy
jaon over
jaon'yc important
jare kamikaze - someone taking a fatal, foolish risk
jare'la stupidly oblivious of danger, asking for it
jareor recklessly risk your life, act suicidally (negative connotation - foolish, not brave)
jari'eyc ugly, ruined (lit: wrecked)
jariler lay waste, wreck
jarkiv charisma, presence
jaro death wish, insane act of reckless stupidity
jat'ca'nara on time - lit. ""good time""
jate good
jate'kara luck, destiny - lit good stars, a course to steer by
jate'shya better
jatisyc delicious
jatne best
jatne emuurir prefer
jatne manda good mood - a complex sense of being at one with your clan and life
Jatne vod Sir ( formal - used by bar staff etc, not military)
Jatnese be te jatnese The best of the best (plural)
jehaat lie, untruth
jehavey'ir ambush
jekai bait
jenarar feint
jetii Jedi
jetii'kad lightsaber
jetiise Jedi plural, Republic
jii now
jiila immediate, right away, instant
jilarud disc
jiriad white, chalky, ashen-faced
joha language
johayc spoken, pronounced
jorad voice
jorbe reason
jorcu because
jorhaa'ir speak, talk
jorir bear, carry (archaic)
jor'lekir confirm
jorso'ran shall bear (archaic)
joruur gather
juaan beside, next to
jurir bear arms, carry something
jurkad attack, an assault
jurkadir attack, threaten, mess with
jurkadir sha(l) mess with, mess around, hassle (alternative form of jurkadir) transitive verb
jurkadir ti mess someone about, mess around with someone, mess with (another alternative of jurkadir) transitive verb
kaab sound
kad saber, sword
kadala wounded, hurt
kadale casualties
kad'au lightsaber
kaden angry
kadiilir breach, pierce
kad'la sharp
ka'gaht south
kai'tome food
kajil flat, level
kajir table
kakovidir cower
kal blade
kalikir stab with a narrow blade (""skewer"")
kama belt-spat
kaminii Kaminoan
kando importance, weight
kandosii indomitable, ruthless
Kandosii! Nice one! Wicked! Well done!
kandosii'la stunning, amazing
Ka'ra stars - ancient Mandalorian myth - ruling council of fallen kings
kar'am breath
karbakar hyperdrive (lit: star to star)
kar'ta heart
kar'tayl awareness, knowledge
kar'taylir know, hold in the heart
kar'taylir darasuum love
karyai main living room of a traditional north Mandalorian house - a single big chamber for eating, talking, resting, and even the last secure stronghold when under attack
K'atini! Suck it up! Or: It's only pain!
kaysh he, him, his
kaysh her, hers
Kaysh guur' skraan ""He loves his food."" (Said of someone who has a healthy appetite, using the verb for affection rather than enjoyment.)
Kaysh meg miit'gaana, oyacyi. Who writes, remains. (Proverb.)
Kaysh mirsh solus He's an idiot (lit. his brain cell is lonely)
Kaysh mirsh'kyramud He's boring me senseless (Lit: he's a brain assassin)
Kaysh shu'shuk He's a disaster
Kaysh tayl'ud He's taking a break. He's having a nap.
Ke narir haar'ke'gyce rol'eta resol! Execute Order 66!
Ke serim Take aim!
ke, k' imperative prefix - used as order
kebbur try, attempt
kebiin blue
kebii'tra sky (daytime) lit. blue sky
kebise things, stuff
kedin chain of command
keenir infiltrate
ke'gyce order, command
keldab citadel, stronghold
kelita moat
kemir walk
Ke'mot! Halt!
Ke'sush! Attention!
kih small
Kih'parjai No problem. Don't mention it. (Lit: small victory)
kir'manir adopt, give a soul to someone
kisol few
kles nose
klesir smell
K'olar! Come here! Get over here at once!
kom'rk gauntlet
koor deal, contract
kot strength
kote glory (pl)
Kote lo'shebs'ul narit You can keep your glory. (Contemptuous and impolite.)
kotep brave
kotir defeat, overpower
kotyc strong
kovid head
kov'nyn head-butt - noun
kov'nynir head-butt (see also Keldabe Kiss) - verb
K'oyacyi! 1. ""Cheers!"" 2. Can also mean: ""Hang in there"" or 3. ""Come back safely."" Literally, a command; ""Stay alive!""
kranak fortified settlement or dwelling surrounded by water
kurs forest
kurshi tree
kurshok plank of wood,
kute underwear, bodysuit, something worn under armor
K'uur! Hush!
kyor rotting, decay
kyorar rot, decay (verb)
kyorla rotten
kyr end
Kyr ge'kaan Endex (end of exercise - mil.)
kyr'ad corpse
kyr'adyc passed away, deceased
kyr'am death
kyramla fatal, deadly
kyramud killer, assassin
kyr'amur kill
kyrayc killed, dead
kyrbej battlefield
kyr'bes skull, especially mythosaur skull - coll. Crown
Kyr'tsad Death Watch (lit. Death Society) - breakaway Mandalorian sect
kyr'vhetine harvest
kyr'yc last
laam up
laamyc high
laandur delicate, fragile (sometimes an insult - weak, pathetic)
laar song
laaran singing
laararir sing
lalat tongue
la'mun azimuth
lararyc drunk (lit. carousing)
layari overconfident, swaggering
lenedat target, contact
linibar need, to
liser able to, can
lo into
lonar insertion
loras meat, flesh, substance (poetic)
lor'vram breakfast
lovik knee
luubid enough
maan original, first
majyc extra
majyce something extra, addendum
majycir add
manda the collective soul or heaven - the state of being Mandalorian in mind, body and spirit - also supreme, overarching, guardian-like
Mand'alor sole ruler
Manda'yaim the planet Mandalore.
Mando Mandalorian, adj or noun
Mando'ad draar digu A Mandalorian never forgets.
Mando'ade Mandalorians (pl) - sons and/ or daughters of Mandalore
mandokar the ""right stuff"", the epitome of Mando virtue - a blend of aggression, tenacity, loyalty and a lust for life
mandokarla having the ""right stuff"", showing guts and spirit, the state of being the epitome of Mando virtue
Mar'e! At last! (Expression of relief.)
marekar navigation
marev fist
mar'eyce discovery, something found at last, a state of heaven
mar'eyir find, discover
mashukir disperse
mav free
mayen anything
Me'bana? What's happening? What happened?
Me'copaani? What do you want? What would you like?
me'dinuir share, give to each other
meg which, what, that, who
megin which, what, that - before a vowel
meh if
me'sen starship
meshgeroya limmie or bolo-ball - literally the ""beautiful game,"" a Mandalorian obsession
mesh'la beautiful
meshurkaan jeweler, gem cutter
meshurok gemstone
me'suum planet
me'suum'ika moon
Me'vaar ti gar? How are you? (Lit: what's new with you?) Can also be used to ask a soldier for a sitrep. If a Mando asks you this, they expect an answer; it's literal.. The response for ""I'm fine thanks,"" is ""Naas."" (Literally - nothing. )
me'ven? Huh? What? Expression of bewilderment or disbelief
mhi us
mhi we
Mhor ours - rare archaic
miit word
miit'gaanar write
mircin cage
mircir cage, lock up, capture
mirci't prisoner
mirdala clever, intelligent, intellectual
mirdir think, calculate
mirgaanla deliberate (lit: ""thinking hand"")
mirjahaal peace of mind, ""healing"", general term for emotional well-being especially after a trauma or bereavement
mirshe brain (plural - mirsh is a brain cell
mir'sheb smartass
mirshepar'la boring (lit: brain devouring)
mirshir shock, stun (lit. ""brain"" someone, knock out their brain)
mirshko courage
mirsh'kyramud boring person (lit: brain assassin)
mirshmure'cya Keldabe kiss - slang for headbutt (lit. brain-kiss)
mishuk pressure
morut haven, stronghold
morutar welcome, verb
morut'yc safe, secure
motir stand
munad elevation
munad height
muninar tall
munit long
Munit tome'tayl, skotah iisa long memory, short fuse - said to be the typical Mando mindset
murcyur kiss (verb)
mureyca kiss
muun hard
muun'bajir trounce, teach someone a lesson, ""kick butt"" lit: educate hard
naak peace
naakla peaceful
naas nothing
naasad none, not any
naasade nobody
naast destroyer
naastar destroy
nad'aai infrared
nad'aaila. infrared (adj)
nadala hot
nakar'mir be unaware, not know (verb)
nakar'tuur tomorrow (lit: the unknown day)
nakil corner
Nar dralshy'a Put your back into it! Try harder!
nari move, action, act
narir act, do, put
naritir insert, place, put
narser purpose
Nar'sheb Contemptuous comment - like ""shove it"" but much stronger.
narudar temporary ally - specifically your enemy's enemy, where both sides know this is an alliance of convenience and not a lasting pact.
nasreyc determined, resolute
naumiit signal
nau'ul candlelight
nau'ur light up, illuminate
nau'ur kad forge (lit. light up a saber)
nayc no ( negative answer)
naysol too many
Ne shab'rud'ni… Don't mess with me (extremely strong warning - much stronger than jurkadir - and likely to be followed by violence)
neduumyc illegal, unauthorised
nehutyc feisty, gutsy
Ne'johaa! Shut up!
ne'kaan non-combatant
N'epar nu pirur! It won't eat or drink anything. (It can wait - no rush.)
N'eparavu takisit sorry (lit: I eat my insult)
ner my, mine
neral grain
ne'tra black
ne'tra gal black ale - sweet, almost spicy black beer similar to milk stout
Ne'tra gal mesh'la, jat'isyc, bal, wayii, jahaal'got Black ale looks good, tastes good, and - by golly - it does you good!
neverd civilian
ne'waadas poverty, need
ni I, me
Ni ceta sorry (lit: I kneel) grovelling apology - rare
Ni copaani buy'ce gal I’d like a pint of ale
Ni copaani buyc'ika cin papuur'gal I’d like a glass of white wine, please
ni dinu I give (and, used on its own in a firm tone, means: ""Like it or lump it! Take it or leave it!"")
Ni hukaatii'ni shebs ti kama! I'm covering my back!
Ni kyr'tayl gai sa'ad adoption vow - lit. I know your name as my child.
Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum Daily remembrance of those passed on ""I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal."" Followed by repetition of loved ones' names.
nibral loser, failure
Ni'duraa! You disgust me!
norac back
Nu draar No way. Absolutely not. Never in a million years. Not on your life. (Emphatic disagreement and doubt. Lit: Not never. Mandos use double negatives for emphasis.)
Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la. Not gone, merely marching far away. (Tribute to a dead comrade.)
nu, n', ne negative prefixes
nu'amyc normal
nuhaatyc invisible, unseen
nuh'la, nuhunla funny, amusing
nuhoy sleep
nuhoyir slumber, sleep
nuhun joke
nuhunar laugh
nuhur good times, laughter, fun
nushaad'la motionless
nynir hit, strike
ogir there
ogir'olar one way or the other, either way
olan hundred
olar here
olarom welcome (greeting)
olaror come, arrive
ol'averde company
onidir to sweat
o'r in
orar thunder
or'dinii moron, fool
orhaar scan (noun)
orhaarir scan (verb)
ori big, extreme, very
ori'beskaryc hard case, extremely tough, no-nonsense (of people) - ""well 'ard""
oribru emergency
Ori'buyce, kih'kovid. All helmet, no head. Common term of derision for someone with an overdeveloped sense of authority
ori'copaad obsession, fixation
ori'dush evil
ori'gehaat'ik epic
ori'haat ""It's the truth, I swear - no bull.""
ori'jagyc bullying; also bully, swaggering big-mouth - someone who picks on someone smaller - lit. ""big man"" said sarcastically, applied equally to women
ori'jate excellent
orikih tiny
orilin profit, surplus
or'ilor midday meal
ori'ramikad supercommando (Mandalorian designation of elite special forces)
ori'shya more than
ori'skraan 1. a delicacy, a real treat in terms of food; 2 a blow-out meal, a feast (slang), ""big eats""
ori'sol many
ori'suumyc beyond the pale, one step too far, outrageous (in Mandalorian morality)
ori'tsad brigade
oritsir curse, swear, bellow
ori'vod big brother, older brother, special friend
ori'vor'e Thanks a lot! Thanks a million!
oriya city
oriyala urban
orjorer cry out, shout
or'parguur hate
or'trikar grief
oshokita freshers (from plank of wood used in field latrines)
osik dung (impolite)
osik'la messed up, screwed, horrible (impolite)
Osi'kyr! Strong exclamation of surprise or dismay
osi'yaim Useless, despicable person
Oya manda! Expression of Mandalorian solidarity and perpetuity: emotional and assertive.
Oya! Many meanings: literally ""Let's hunt!"" and also ""Stay alive!"", but also ""Hoorah!"", ""Go you!"", ""Cheers!"" Always positive and triumphant.
oyacyir live
oya'karir hunt, chase
oya'la living
oyayc alive
oyayc ra kyrayc dead or alive
oyu'baat universe
oyula galactic
paak salt
paguur dislike
paklalat gift of the gab, a silver tongue, wit, eloquence
pakod easy, simple
palon hole
papurgaat fruit
papuur'gal wine
par for
Pare! (Pare sol!) Hang on! (Pare sol - lit: ""Wait one."") Note: Ke'pare is much more emphatic - ""Wait!""
parer wait
parjai victory
parjii winner, victor
par'jila triumphant
parjir win, be victorious
partaylir remember
paru formation
payt left
pehir spit
pel soft, yielding
pel'gam skin
pelkaanir shave
peti'baar center mass
petir center
pirebu near
pir'ekulor weep
pirimmur use
pirimmuy useful
pirimpir urine
pirpaak broth, soup (literally, salted water)
pirun water
pirunir sur'haaise make their eyes water (slang for kill, injure or defeat)
pirur drink
pirusti well
piryc wet
pitat rain
projor next
prudii shadow
prudiise shadows
puut'la ballistic
ra or
racin pale
ramaanar die, general term
ramaanla mortal (in the sense of fallible or vulnerable)
ram'ika raid
ramikad commando
ramikadyc commando state of mind - an attitude that he/ she can do anything, endure anything, and achieve the objective. A blend of complete confidence and extreme tenacity instilled in special forces during training. Can also be used informally to describe a determined, focused person.
ram'or attack, beseige
ramorla besieged
ram'ser sniper, marksman
rang ash
Rangir! To hell with it!
ranov'la secret
ratiin always
rayshe'a five
raysh'olan five hundred
ray'ture week
redalur dance (verb)
rejorhaa'ir tell
resol six
Resol'nare Six Actions, the tenets of Mando life
ret Perhaps, maybe
Ret'! Bye! See you!
ret'lini. just in case (colloquial - Mandos are cautious and always have a plan B)
Ret'urcye mhi Goodbye - lit. ""Maybe we'll meet again""
ret'yc possible
riduur partner, spouse, husband, wife
riduurok love bond, specifically between spouses - marriage agreement
riye favor, benefit, good turn
rohak defeat
rohakar defeat (verb)
rol'eta sixty
ru, r' past tense prefix
rud around
rugam sphere, ball
runi soul (poetic only)
rusur land, ships or troops
ruug old age
ruug'la old
ruus rock
ruusaan reliable one (popular female name)
ruusaanyc reliable, trustworthy
ruusaar foundation
ruus'alor sergeant
ruyot the past, history
sakagal X-wing
sal color
sapanyc electromagnetic
sarad flower, bloom
saviin violet
senaar bird
sen'tra jetpack
serim accurate, correct
serimir be right, to be accurate
sha at (before vowel - shal)
sha ca'nara specific time - literally at time, often used in questions
shaadlar move
shaap wood
shaap'yc wooden
shabiir screw up - impolite
shabla screwed up - impolite
shab'rudur mess with - very strong language in Mando'a, so use only in extreme circumstances
shabuir extreme insult - ""jerk"", but much stronger
sha'kajir over a meal, at the dinner table, like the French "" table"" - the word for table comes from the word for level, flat, so the implication is one of equals breaking bread together
sha'kajir cease-fire, truce (from the practice of sitting down at a table with refreshments to talk terms, as in the same term for ""over a meal"")
shal at (before vowel)
sharal lazy
sheber sit (verb)
sheb'ika botty, tush (diminutive of shebs) - kids' word but sometimes used ironically or in humour
shebs backside, rear, buttocks (also rear of building etc)
sheb'urcyin sycophant, toady, ""butt-kisser""
she'cu nine
she'eta fifty
she'eta'olan five thousand
sh'ehn eight
shehn'eta eighty
shekemir follow
shek'eta ninety
shereshir kidnap, seize
shereshoy lust for life and much more - uniquely Mandalorian word, meaning the enjoyment of each day and the determination to seek and grab every possible experience, as well as surviving to see the next day - hanging onto life and relishing it. An understandable state of mind/ emotion for a warrior people. Closely related to the words for live, hunt and stay safe - and, of course ""oya"". All from the same root.
shev'la silent
shi just, only
shig beverage - any infusion of whatever's available, but usually a mildly stimulant herb with a citrus flavor called behot
shiib thin
shi'yayc yellow
sho'cye ocean
shok beam, joist (wood or other material)
shokita shelf
shonar wave (noun, as in sea) - literally 'ocean movement'
sho'sen submarine, submersible
shosenla submerged, sunk, under water
shukalar to crush (in any sense), to conquer
shuk rift, tear
shuk'la fragmented, broken, crushed
shuk'la not working, no use, useless, broken down, out of order - usually said of machinery
shuk'la gett'se crushed or ground nuts (topping or ingredient for uj)
shuk'la riduurok divorce
shuk'orok crushgaunt
shukur break
shuner bread
shuner flour, meal
shupur injury
shupur'yc injured
shupuur injure
shushai sensor (lit. eye-listening)
shu'shuk disaster, big screw-up etc
simir year
sim'olan century
sirbur say
siver degree
skanah much-hated thing or person
skira settling scores, revenge. feud (different to vengeance - more personal)
skotah short
skraan food, ""scran"" (generic slang for a meal)
skraan'ikase assorted small snacks like meze or tapas - ""small eats"" - a celebratory meal for Mandos because it can take hours to eat, and the dishes are often fiddly, a contrast to the easy-to-eat, quick meals necessary in the field
slaat mud
Slana'pir! Get out! get lost! (very impolite)
slanar go
solegot computer (lit. counting machine)
soletar count
solus alone, vulnerable
solus each, one
solus individual
solus united, as one
sol'yc first
sol'yc first (ordinal)
Sooran, shab! Contemptuous and triumphant comment - like ""suck on that, chum!""
sooranir suck, absorb, draw up (liquid)
sosol ti equal with
spirba pass (as in break in terrain)
staabi right
striil strill - highly intelligent six-legged hunting carnivore, capable of gliding and flight
striilir track, trail
su still, yet
Su cuy'gar Hello - lit. ""You're still alive.""
Su'cuy Hi!
sur'ar concentrate, focus
sur'gaan picture
sur'haai eye
sur'ulur keep an eye on, monitor
sushir listen
susulur hear
suum beyond
Suum ca'nara the state of blissful rest and peace
suumpir lake
suvarir understand
taab foot
taab'echaaj'la deceased, passed on (lit: marched far away)
taabir march
taakur bone
taap location
taap point, position
ta'ayl jailer
tabalhar patrol (verb)
tabalut patrol (noun) - on patrol: bat'balut (adj)
t'ad two
tad'eta seventy
takisir insult (verb)
takisit insult (noun)
tal blood
tal'din bloodline
tal'galar spill blood, bleed
tal'onidir to sweat blood, to ""give blood"" - idiom for going that extra mile or making an all-out effort
talyc Bloody, bloodstained - of steak, rare.
ta'raysh ten
ta'raysh solus eleven
ta'raysholan thousand
tatugir repeat
tayat storage
tay'haai archivist, reporter
Tayli'bac? Got it? Okay? Understand? (Often very aggressive.)
taylir hold, keep, preserve
te the (rarely used)
tebec ammunition
tegaanalir rescue
teh from
te'habir…be remove, take out (when used transitively, be precedes the object - No te'habi kad be dalab )
tengaanar show, display (lit. open hand)
tenn open
teroch pitiless
tettar kick
ti with
tigaanur touch
tihaar alcoholic drink - strong clear spirit made from fruit, like eau de vie
tiingilar blisteringly spicy Mandalorian casserole
tiin'la coarse
tion interrogative prefix, used for a question
Tion gar gai? What's your name?
Tion'ad who? (Lit: what person?)
Tion'ad hukaat'kama? Who's watching your back?
tionas Question, puzzle
Tion'cuy? Who's that? (often used as a challenge to identify someone - like """"Halt! Who goes there?""""
tionir question, interrogate
tion'jor why?
tion'meh what if?
Tion'solet? How many? How much?
tion'tuur when? (lit. which day)
to join, connection
tok'kad retreat
to'kursh orchard
tolase system (lit. joined things)
tom alliance
tomad ally
tome together (plural)
tome'tayl memory
tom'urcir converge
tomyc joint
tom'yc allied
tor justice
tra space, void
tra star field
traat'aliit squad, team
Traat'aliit gar besbe'trayc The squad is your weapon
traatika platoon
tracinya flame
tracyaat artillery
Tra'cyar mav fire at will
tracyn fire
tracy'uur blaster
tranyc sunny (lit. star-burned)
trat'aab infantry
trat'ade forces
trattok'or fail, fall, collapse
tratur man, staff, form the strength of, represent
tratyc in a state of collapse
trikar sadness
trikar'la sad
troan face
troch certainly (archaic, like verily)
tsad alliance, group
tsad droten group of people, Republic
Tsad Droten senate, assembly
tsikador prepare, get ready
tsikala prepared, ready
tug'yc again
tuur day
udes rest, leisure
Udesii! Calm down! Take it easy!
udesiir relax, take it easy, calm down, find respite
udesla calm (of sea etc) unflappable (of a person), serene, relaxed
uj'alayi uj cake - dense, very sweet flat cake made of ground nuts, syrup, pureed dried fruit and spice
uj'ayl thick scented syrup used in cooking
ukor b'ukor forced to make a decision - lit. ""when push comes to shove""
ukoror push, shove
ulik mount, pack animal,
ulur care, take notice of
ulur detect
ulyc careful, carefully
umaan difficult
urakto hard, difficult
uram mouth
urcir meet
ures without, lacking
urmankalar believe (distinct from knowing)
Usen'ye! Go away! (Very rude - from same root as osik)
utreekov fool, idiot (lit. emptyhead)
ut'reeyah empty
utrel'a clear (as in ""All clear"")
utreyar clear (verb)
utyc slimy
uur silence
uvete worlds (poetic)
vaabir do
vaal during, while
vaar early, undeveloped, half-grown
vaar'ika pip-squeak, runt
vaar'tur morning
vaii where
vaii'la directional
val they, theirs
veeray area
veman real, genuine
ven future tense prefix
vencuyanir sustain, keep alive, preserve
vencuyot future
ver'alor lieutenant
verborir hire, buy, contract
verburyc loyal
vercopa wish, dream
Vercopa… May this happen, I wish… prefixes statement
vercopaanir wish, to hope
verd soldier, warrior
verda warriors (archaic plural)
verde soldiers
verd'ika private (rank) Can be used affectionately, often to a child; ""little soldier"" - context is critical.
verd'yc aggressive (not necessarily negative!)
ver'gebuir bodyguard lit: hired guardian (almost-father)
veriduur courtesan
ver'mircit hostage
ver'verd mercenary
veshok large evergreen tree with a grain similar to Earth oak
ve'vut gold
vheh earth, dust, soil
vheh'yaim temporary hut made of wattle and daub, a ""basha""
vhekad sand (literally 'sharp soil')
vhekadla sandy
vhekaj map
vhetin plain, fields - open, flat or gently rolling land
vhett farmer
vhey mine (ordnance)
vhipir mist
vi we (rare - archaic)
videk neck
viinir run
vod brother
vod comrade, ""mate""
vod sister
Vor entye Thank you (lit. ""I accept a debt"")
Vor'e! Thanks!
vorer accept
vorpan green
vorpan'oy vegetation
vurel ever
vu'traat special forces
vutyc special
waadas credits, wealth
waadasla valuable
warra'se warra nuts
wasuur west
Wayii! Good grief! General exclamation of surprise, good or bad.
wer eon (archaic)
Wer'cuy It was ages ago. - colloquial, often used as ""Forget it"" or ""It doesn't matter""
werda darkness - archaic plural - dha werda - dark light, shadows -i.e. stealth
werde darkness
werdla stealthy, invisible
werlaara myth (archaic)
woor wind
yacur flush out
ya'gai bowl
yai belly, womb
yaihadla pregnant
yaihi'l full
yaim home
yaimi neighbor
yaim'la comfortable, familiar, sense of "at home". Can also mean local to the speaker.
yaim'ol return, homecoming
yaimpar return
yai'yai "richly nourishing" - peculiarly Mandalorian description of dense, high-calorie food, of great importance to people dependent on highly portable field rations
yaiyai'yc bloated, satisfied
yamika room, chamber
yilad array (noun)
yustapir river (lit: water road)
yustarud perimeter

Mando'a alphabet

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