Mandalorian equipment

Mandalorian armors and weapons

Ancient Mandalorian Armor (4000 years BBY)

Mandalorian Crusader Armor
Crusader armor was organic in appearance and could vary considerably from one soldier to the next. For the holy wars on the Republic, Mandalorian armor became more uniform. Still lacking the weaponry of later shock trooper generations, the bulky armor of the Mandalorian Wars' Neo-Crusaders was sleek and seen in a variety of colors. This armor later inspired Republic Senate Guard designs.

Mandalorian Crusader Armor

Ancient Mandalorian Pilot (4000 years BBY)

Death Watch Armor
Death Watch armor varies from that of the supercommandos only cosmetically: it is stark black with menacingly chiseled helmets. Supercommando and Death Watch armor both utilize costly miniaturization technology to create the most protective form-fitting covering with minimal mobile hindrance. Death Watchmen were also known to wear forbidden crushgaunts.

Death Watch Armor

Mandalorian Mercs Armor
The Mandalorian Mercs were not especially picky about their appearance and often sported an armor hodge-podge from different eras. However, their pride still ran so deeply that they took to wearing simple capes or hunting kama (later adopted by ARC troopers).

Mythosaur Axe
This was the traditional weapon of the ancient Mandalorian Crusders. It was named for the mythosaur, which was once native to Mandalore until the species was wiped out by Mandalore the First. Calcified mythosaur bone was used to form the blade of the axe, with overlapping plates being honed to razor-sharpness. This overlapping pattern was repeated on each side of the handle, creating a deadly crescent of bone...

Mandalorian Crushgaunts
Made with micronized Mandalorian Iron, crushgaunts were a trademark of the ethically depraved Mandalorian Mercs. These gloves give wearers the ability to crush and rend objects, including throats, limbs, and skulls, with sickening ease. Crushgaunt production ended centuries ago when the Mandalorian government outlawed their use, but they can occassionally be found on the Invisible Market. one of Darth Vader's gloves is rumored to be a crushgaunt

Mandalorian Menacles
Made from nearly impervious Mandalorian Iron, these instruments, designed for binding captives' wrists or ankles, were a popular export from Mandalore before advanced binders like force shackles, energy links, and lasercuffs came along. These manacles are still a regular part of the repertoire of Mandalorian police forces and shock troopers alike.

Ancient Weapons

Mandalorian Ripper
this disruptor weapon, of Mandalorian manufacture, was produced during the height of the Great Sith War. Its design was similar to a weapon used by Jigger Wraith, which was essentially an energy-propelled slugthrower

Shatter Missile
this was a type of projectile weapon developed by the ancient Mandalorians. Upon impacting a target, a shatter missile fragmented into hundreds of smaller pieces, causing huge amounts of collateral damage.

Mandalorians Ships

Mandalorian Fleet

Lictor-class Dungeon Ship
based on a Mandalorian design, Rendili StarDrive's Lictor-class dungeon ship is a 764-meter-long prisoner transport vessel. Sections were designed with variable environments to create conditions which were as uncomfortable as possible. Other will-breaking devices present were sirens, electric shockers, and various gas emission systems. When the Empire began using these ships to transport captured Jedi Knights, they installed energy shields based on the Universal Energy Cage around each partition. Life support systems were also run at minimal levels. Each Lictor-class ship was given enough of a navigational computer to hold two jump coordinates: the prisoner transfer planet and the final destination. This provided a defense against prisoners hijacking the ship. Each Lictor-class ship was equipped with 10 quad turbolaser batteries a 2 tractor beam projectors. They were manned by a crew of 860, 46 gunners, and 800 security wardens. They could transport up to 9,000 prisoners; 1,000 of them could be housed in special holding cells.

Kubrai-class Transport
this was a Mandalorian transport design, produced in small numbers during the early years of the New Republic. This ship measured twenty meters in length, and could be operated by a single pilot. It could accommodate up to four passengers and thirty-two metric tons of cargo, and could be outfitted with a variety of defensive weapons.

Mandalorian Dungeon Ship
the basis for the Lictor-class ship, the Mandalorian dungeon ships were huge prisoner transport vessels which provided the most uncomfortable conditions for almost any species. This meant that the prisoners suffered the maximum discomfort before they were imprisoned on bleak, harsh worlds and left to die. Each of these ships measured almost a kilometer in length, and the interior sections of the ships were lined with ultradense alloys to prevent escape. Individual chambers could be reconfigured for a variety of activities, depending on the nature of the criminal and the amount of interrogation that needed to be done.

Basilisks WarDroids
These strange machines ressembling great insects were actually ancient one-seated modern fighters. Their droid brains, very intelligent for that time, could give them total autonomy. But their full potentiel was unleashed only when a mandalorian pilot was in-seated. The Basilisks were used for over 4000 years before the Republic's downfall, during the Great Sith Wars (alias, the Mandalorian wars). the Mandalorians used them for many of their assaults, in the sky as well as in space. They were the Tie Fighters ancestors. Different models of basilisk Droids were created by the Mandalorians, and each of them was adapted for the mission: reconnaissance, bombing, space superiority fighter, etc... even though they looked the same, they all had different weapons.

Basilisk war droid

The Motojet XT
U sed by the mandalorian commandoes during the Great Sith War, this ancestor of the Imperial Motojet gave a great liberty on the battlefield.

Landspeeder LUX-3
A small vehicle quick and easy, mostly used by civilians.

The Prosecutor reconnaissance ships
mostly used by the mandalorian police forces, an example of this ship was used by Boba Fett and baptized "Slave II"

The Persuer

Stellar Vipers
experimental ships, of which the concept was made for the Price Xizor, who were later sold to wealthy clients

Shadow V Combat Airspeeder
This 6.5 meters long ship, requiring a pilot and a gunner, was produced during the last decades of the Republic. It had a double laser cannon and was very succesfull in the planetary defense forces of a lot of gouvernments.


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