Mandalorian Military

The Mandalorian Military is the center focus of the entire Mandalorian society. To serve and serve well is the highest honor one could hope to achieve in life. Large bases and training facilities operate in every major city, with the largest and most prestigious being the Aldacor Spire base just south of the main capitol city of Mandalore. The cities surrounding military facilities often have an excess of low ranking or off duty officers to perform the trivial civilian tasks at hand, such as running the local shops and eateries, or policing the town itself.
Mandalorians always aspire to reach higher. To facilitate this, a method was devised for challenging one's superior in hand to hand combat for a chance to claim the superior's rank. The contests are never fatal, but will continue until one of the two is granted the victory. If the lower ranked individual wins, he or she claims the rank and position of the one challenged. No challenge fight will occur without the express approval of the leader of the Mandalorian people, the Warrior Eminence.
The Military is separated into two distinct branches, the Army and the Navy. The heads of both the Army and the Navy are members of the Triad, serving alongside the Warrior Eminence as figureheads in the Mandalorian government.

The Navy, under the command of the Tereth'ba, is separated internally into the two divisions of Starfighter Operations (StarOps) and Capitol Ship Operations (CapOps). Starfighter squadrons are stationed on all of the Mandalorian Sun Cruisers (MSC's), the Sun Cruisers being the largest and most powerful Capitol ships the Mandalorians have in their fleet.
The Army, under the command of the Chief Warrior, is separated internally into the two divisions of the Taraq'Kau and the Taraq'Qualim. The Taraq'Kau serve as both ground warriors and marines, while the Taraq'Qualim are an elite division with only a small number of hand-picked warriors intended to both guard the Triad and be sent on the most grueling missions clench success.
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