Mandalore Quotes

* Leos_Adrynn poketh the plo
<Leos_Adrynn> bah screw it

<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> Falling Promotions? isn't that an Oxymoron?
<Chin> who you calling an oxymoron

<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> That gungan looks cool, that is the first smart looking gungan I have seen.
<Chin> for a gungan that is
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> He is having a stare down with the bottle.

<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> Lets see, Arzak is Sparkles, I'm PQ, we need nicknames for Hermes and Chin.
<Arz[a]k> Hermes can be Salty!
<Arz[a]k> And Chin can be Spook.
<Chin> salty qpq sparkles and spook
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> YO SPOOKIE!
<Chin> a salty sparkled qpq spook
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> Man, DeMeer is going to be so confused the next time he comes on.

<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> You can be Frankie.
<Frank> nah
<Frank> You can can me Susan if you like.

<Aidon> I can't be outranked.
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> You are out ranked Aidon.
<Chin> by everyone present atm
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> Everyone here is an officer.
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> At least.
<Aidon> congratulations!

<Chin> aidon what company do you work for that has 18000 emloyees and is in need of an ict admin
<Chin> i'm curious
<Aidon> Can't tell. Sorry.
<Valar_Morghulis> he works for the goverment!!!!
<Valar_Morghulis> or for the illuminati!!!!!
<Aidon> no comment

* K[a]zvar has quit IRC (Quit: Its my world, you just live in it.)
* Krix sets mode: +b *Kazvar@RIRC.9E91BD9CF451E.SWC
<Krix> whatever asswipe

* Leos_[A]drynn was kicked by Sp[a]rkles (I ain't gay.)

<Vayden> You haven't met Fitz yet?? OMG!

Fitz_Dantilles goes of to rob Keir
<Ravlos>hmm Keir is just a few steps above you
<Fitz_Dantilles>A few??? A lot of few yes

<Lord_Kazvar> Everyone can become rich. Midge is stupid, and he's rich.

<Diomedes> hey aidon.. how old is your son?
<Aidon> How do you know I have a son?
<Diomedes> I know more then you think<evilgrin/>
<Diomedes> where talking about him once on the board..
<Aidon> okay, he's six.
<Aidon> Not old enough for Mandalore, yet...

<Diomedes|away> when I was new I was constantly messaging DeMeer with several ridiculous questions.. I admire tyr and his patience
<Diomedes|away> heh
<Bossive> how so
<Bossive> oh me too lol
<Bossive> i messaged him so much
<Bossive> him and panzer lol
<Diomedes|away> ah

<Vayden> will some opne please translate...LOL
* Vayden doesn't speak Diomedish
<Sin> It means.. i have a bad rash on my buttocks
<Diomedes> rofl

<chin> don't ever say to a dutchmen dutch is similar to german

<Jango> sup?
<Hermes> I'm fine... chin however...

<Diomedes> and vong..give me a crash corse polish:p I don't want people talking about me without me hearing it when I'm in Polen..hehe
<Vong_Gin`aal> ROFL ok Dio

* Diomedes slaps RB"go..go away.. you're on vacation.. then have a real vacation.."

* Havok_Isley Hands out pic's of Vayden's pink PJ's

<chin[reallyafk]> dan is me vriendin trug
<chin[reallyafk]> then it's (_,_) licious time
(dan is me vriendin terug means: Then's my girlfriend back;p)

<Vayden> Havok is a ke3yboard whore
<Havok_Isley> have to feed the crack habit somehow

* Havok_Isley looks around the room
* Havok_Isley burns Krix's copy of the comunist manifesto
<Vayden> heya now dammit, u get booted, and I get banned
* Havok_Isley was kicked by Krix (dumbass [kick count:136])
* Havok_Isley has joined #cmg-mandalore
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Havok_Isley
<Havok_Isley> lol
<Vayden> roflmfao
<Havok_Isley> C'mon Krix let me see that lovely smile of yours
* Vayden ducks
* Havok_Isley hides behind Vayden
* Vayden feels slightly vulnerable atm...HAVOK, go away
<Vayden> ROFL
* Havok_Isley grabs a hold of Vaydens leg and doesn't let go
<Havok_Isley> There's that lovely smile i was looking for krix, nice pic
* Vayden growls at Havok
* Havok_Isley purrs at Vayden
* Havok_Isley gives Vayden puppy dog eyes
* Vayden grumbles

<Vayden> Havok puts his pinky finger to the corner of his mouth ala Dr. Evil

<Ravlos> don't give in to hate
<Ravlos> that leads to the pink side

<Diomedes> aargh
<Ravlos> what's wrong Dio?
<Diomedes> I met a woman.. But engaged!
<Diomedes> aargg
<Vayden|cranky> what?
<Ravlos> aarg
<Vayden|cranky> LOL
<Diomedes> I want a wife!
<Vayden|cranky> there are 100 or so women in this game
<Vayden|cranky> compared to the ratio of how many men????
<Ravlos> finding women these days is hard
<Diomedes> and almost all engaged or married
* chin[afk] is now known as chin[AFFinK]
<Vayden|cranky> poor Dio
<Ravlos> try something from your own neighbourhood
<Vayden|cranky> Dio
<Ravlos> or have they all been done?
<Vayden|cranky> say his name
<Vayden|cranky> he means in game rav
* Bossive has joined #cmg-mandalore
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Bossive
<Ravlos> ohw
<Diomedes> ROFLMFAO

<Vayden> for the love of god, I cannot type today

<Krix> [02:53pm] [Leos_Adrynn] hey krix
<Krix> [02:54pm] [Leos_Adrynn] the adarondacks are cold this time of year
* andog has quit IRC (Dead socket)
* andog has joined #cmg-mandalore
<Krix> Gee thanks for informing me
* ChanServ sets mode: +v andog
<Ravlos> LOL
<Krix> I kinda gathered that little detail when I got lost trying to find the thruway and we ended up in the adirondacks isntead of ROCHESTER
<Leos_Adrynn> ouch
<Ravlos> lol

<Ravlos> write a book called: Hugging a chin

<Ravlos> women go first
<@Chin> that's true
<+Lee-Roy> yup
<@Leos_[A]drynn> pfft
<@Chin> i think men made that up to not have to go first
<Ravlos> right
<@Chin> because they were pussies
<+Lee-Roy> :p
<Ravlos> no
<Ravlos> it's because Men are irresponsible bastards who are just good at mass-production* of children and are oversexed bastards
<+Lee-Roy> :p
<@Chin> and that is why we let them go first?
<Ravlos> yes, because we are bastards
<Ravlos> and because we should let them go first
<Vayden> rofl WELL SAID rAVLOS

<Ravlos> send him to work for Vodo for a day
<Ravlos> that'll teach him

<Alex> Evil jedi told me to stalk you
<Aidon> hehe
<Aidon> introduce yourself
<Alex> I am Alex and I will be your stalker today
<Aidon> nice to be stalked
<Aidon> Would you mind telling me the name of this Jedi?
<Aidon> I'm flattered by this stalking, you know?
<Alex> lol
<Alex> Torak? Terok? something like that =D
<Aidon> Terak?
<Alex> Maybe =D
<Aidon> Just say to your master I like her.
<Alex> Ok then.
<Aidon> And I know she's not Terak.
* Alex eeshifts
<Alex> Suuure it is..
<Aidon> I can feel her presence...and it's her
<Aidon> I won't bother (here should be the name of the female Jedi I unveiled) again, and I didn't mean to stalk her.
<Aidon> I apologize if I gave the impression.
<Alex> Right/
<Aidon> I apologized to her.
<Alex> Thanks. She appreciates it.
<Aidon> no problem
<Aidon> Thanks for stalking me, Alex.
<Alex> Any time.
<Aidon> See you later Alex
<Aidon> Nice meeting you.
<Alex> You too
<Aidon> bye
<Aidon> see you around

[Chin@RIRC.23F778F1288F9.SWC] ( Quit: Havok_Isley hugs vayden's boobies and kisses them better )

[Qaan_Plo_Qaan] I leave for a second and Vayden's boobies are getting hugged and chin is having a kid.

<Jango> i went to toy's r us today to buy a couple packs of cards of the tcg that i play...i ended up coming out with a $50 lego star wars set lol
<Ravlos> lol
<Ravlos> what kind of lego starwars?
<Ravlos> plastic?

<chin> you were not right
<chin> not right=wron
<chin> g
< Vayden> brilliant perception Chin

< Bossive> lol my next note of advice.. dont bother syaing sup, or whats up, or whats new... if there was something, it would prolly be talked about hehe...
<Bossive> anyone who asks ususaly gets the reply- nothing
<Jango> lol
<Bossive> wisom for the day is complete

<chin> but i'm hoping i'll hyper mod it one day
<chin> extra hyper is never bad
<Vayden> chin, ur hyper enough

<Vayden> Australia
<Even> that's a sweet place...
<Vayden> hehe
<Vayden> I want to go there some day
<Vayden> maybe
<Vayden> lol
<Vayden> has yet to get back to Germany
<Even> yay!
<Even> they got sheeps...
<Vayden> sheeps?
<Even> in Australia...
<Vayden> u mean sheep?
<Even> I love sheeps...
<Vayden> lol
<Vayden> r u stoned?
<Even> those creatures with thick fur
<Even> no
<Vayden> lol

<Havok_Isley> later all
<Havok_Isley>need some chicken and porno

* Ravlos has quit IRC (Quit: and the lord came forth from the skies and said... Thou art an idiot.)

< chin> any gay people here?
< Rostar> i'm very happy
< chin>.
< Qaan_Plo_Qaan> I'm a miner too, Kast.
<chin> ^^he's a faker
< Qaan_Plo_Qaan> Well, if you would perform in bed I wouldn't have to.
* Vayden slaps chin around a bit with a large trout
< Vayden> lol
< Vayden> wow
< chin> qaan you strain me too much
< chin> you ask impossible things
<Vayden> and i was wondering why our nights were so dull hun
< Vayden> alas the truth is revealed
< Vayden>
< chin> yes much appreciated indeed hun
< chin> :s
<Vayden> NP babe, anything i can do to help
< Vayden> Ya know, i am always there for ya

* Ravlos was kicked by Vayden ([kick count:69])
<Vayden> YEAH
<Vayden> 69 BABY

[Jango] you people are nuts

[Leos_[A]drynn] wtf, the persuer has 0 hyper?
[chin] wow you have not really followed any of the mandalore discussions these past few months now have you leos

< Major_Kaas> Ok. i'm back into the real world now.
< ayden> lol
< Vayden> ok
< Sin> Welcome back to the shithole i like to call reality
< Sin> please enjoy your stay and note emergency exits are not present

< Jango> a few years ago my house came under siege by a pack of wild turkeys
< Jango> when ever we wanted to leave the house we had to beat them off with sticks
<Jango> we would hit them with large heavy sticks repeatedly on the head and they would just keep coming
< Jango> they would keep a small guard at ever door
<Vayden> Militaristic Turkeys!! Highly trained by the US Government to replace those mych prised Field Officers
<Jango> one time we tried to leave via the back deck..we went out the back door and down along the deck...we had planned to just jump the 10ish feet down from the deck....there was a squad of 4 turkeys there waiting for us
<Vayden> frickin smart turkeys
<Vayden> that is hilarious
< Jango> yea!
<Jango> i seriously think that those things had some military training
<Diomedes|away> they are members of an organised alien crime orginasation..called the CSTS
<Diomedes|away> the Creapy Scary Turkey Squad
< Vayden> the Crime Syndicate of Turkey Snipers???
< Vayden> Ahhhh

<@Vayden> no one chooses to die, it's not like they were there on a suicide mission...they were and are there to try and make some people's lives better. What happens happens, and those that die to do it should be remembered for their choice to try and help, not for the fact that they were there because of their country's doing.

{ in the memory off all soldiers that have sofar died in the iraq war to help fight terrorism. i know vay knew some, as did i , and maybe other people too.}

Leos_[A]drynn: pop quiz, how many times today has knowing the importance of the First Vatican Council helped you in any way shape or form?
Q[a]an: At least 7
andog: zero
Leos_[A]drynn: yeah, about what i thought
Krix: well, 1, that was to nuke them
Leos_[A]drynn: umm, krix the first vatican council was a long time ago
Krix: ok your point?
Leos_[A]drynn: -.-

[10:07am] • Sin stroks his Mini
[10:07am] [Bossive] lol
[10:07am] [Bossive] thats so disturbing
[10:09am] [Sin] f*** off bossive
[10:09am] [Sin] I mean my iPod

Leos_[A]drynn (Leos@RIRC.9C468BCF4C2149.SWC) [Unknown]
<Leos_[A]drynn> anything been happening?
<Leos_[A]drynn> no leos nothing has been happening
<Leos_[A]drynn> why thank you leos, i'm so glad someone decided to answer me for a change
<Leos_[A]drynn> yes i know it's so annoying
<Leos_[A]drynn> agreed
<Leos_[A]drynn> i'm off
<Leos_[A]drynn> me too
<Leos_[A]drynn> c ya
<Leos_[A]drynn> later
Leos_[A]drynn [Leos@RIRC.9C468BCF4C2149.SWC]

Leos_[A]drynn: what's a three letter word for "yes vote"
Bossive: aye!
Leos_[A]drynn: what's a three letter word for pork
Bossive: ham!!!!!!
Leos_[A]drynn: now a five letter word for "twelve dozen"
Aidon: gross

* Vayden growls
<Vayden> hrmmm
<Vayden> great time for the gm to crap out
<Vayden> someone gimme a hammer
* DeMeer gives Vay the toolbox
* DeMeer puts on bob the builder working hat
* Vayden beats the crap out of the GM with the whole box

<DeMeer> hmmm 70% of the download now on marcos animation
<DeMeer> soon my precious, soon you will be mine
* DeMeer strokes it gently

V[a]yden: come get my ass

[Leos_Adrynn] i will now study for many hours before having a burnout and surgically replacing my brain with peanut butter
[chin] a common operation, amongst complete retards, so you should be fine
[Leos_Adrynn] chin your parents hate you

[Havok_Isley] So when i take over mandalo .... shoosh.
[Havok_Isley] here he comes
DeMeer chuckles
[Havok_Isley] heya Tyr
DeMeer kicks Havok in the nuts

<@chin> yes and i'm a young casanova
<@chin> :p
<@Aidon> you think so, Vay?
<@chin> or
<@Vayden> yeah

<Ravlos> And the lord came forth from the skies and behold the clouds moved away, a finger came down and pointed at Ten... then the lord Spoke: SHUT UP Thy Idiot, thou thoust not know what thy art messing with.

FranAway is now known as Fran
<Aidon> Frank, did the 'k' on your keyboard broke down?
<Aidon> Fran, did the '..' on your eyboard broe down?
<Fran> yeah somebody stole it

<Fran> coke and nuts, my favortie

<V[a]yden|AWAY> for the love of god give Frank back his K!
<Fran> nah, it's ok
<Fran> starting to feel comfortable as a girl now
* Keikr is now known as Keikra
* Keikra steals his a
* Fran is now known as frn
<frn> goddammit
* V[a]yden|AWAY is wondering if it is a good thing, or a bad thing that
Fran is joining her in the Mandalorian female ranks

<Vayden> m just hot, and tired, and everyone wants something at once :)

<Keir|Away> God is not here today Priest

<Even> if lazy=sexy... Then I'm the worlds sexyest man :)

<Sin> Vayden Azrazon.... Scariest bitch in the combine!
<Warren_Hunt> lol
<Vayden> eh?
* Vayden is not scary
* Warren_Hunt adds that to the MIRC quotes :)
<Vayden> lol
<Vayden> t/a
<Vayden> asswipe :/
<Vayden> :)

<Vayden> well, you know what they say...
<Vayden> Give a man a fish and he will learn to hit you with it.
< Vayden>Teach the man to fish, and you'll be abused for a lifetime

* Hermes sees Onyx being bored and hands her a drum, Onyx starts hitting the drum like someone who has down and a big smile
<Hermes> hehe
* Onyx drops drum and starts banging on Hermes head
<Vayden> LMAO
* Hermes grabs Vayden and holds her as sheild, Onyx starts hitting Vayden's bum
* Vayden breaks Hermes' neck
<Hermes> oeh, big spanking
* Vayden growls sadistically
* Onyx keeps hitting vaydens bum
<Vayden> LOL
<Vayden> WTF!
<Hermes> haha
* Vayden turns and glares at Onyx
<Onyx> what?
<Vayden> bum hitter!
* Hermes sees Onyx's down Sydrome puppy eye's. 'ah Vay, you can't keep mad at a face like that
<Hermes> :)
<Vayden> Hermes
Vayden> you are sooooooo asking for it
<Hermes> >.>
<Hermes> <.<
* Onyx spies Redbat, turns and starts hitting him
<Vayden> :)
<Vayden> ooooh he no like dat
<Onyx> wait whats a redbat?
* Hermes laughs viciously, ' I have created a monster!! Mhoahahaha!! *dr. Evil style pinky*
<Vayden> it's a cranky server admin
<Vayden> :)
* Vayden feels a Nick Kill for that one
* Onyx goes back to banging on his backside

<Leos_Adrynn> This is a test of the emergency boredom system, this is only a test. Were this a real situation, this explanation would be a lot more silly.

<Sin> I cant imagine us working together this long and not even meeting once IC
<Leos_Adrynn> actually i always thought you were just an asim who liked hanging around here :S
<Sin> o.O
<Sin> wth
<Leos_Adrynn> hey i been on vacation for a month gimme a break
<Sin> bah, ive been working here for more then a month!

quit: Paul_Kosh [~shadow@1F481E6B.46CA900B.23E26046.IP] (<SGT_Stockmann> ah, so what do you do? <DeMeer> sitting on my throne drinking beer)

* Even1 has quit IRC (Quit: May the sheep be with you!)

* Fitz_D[a]ntilles is now known as Fitz_Watchingdvdilles

* Leos_Adrynn sets mode: +o Aidon
<Leos_Adrynn> hrm, i don't like that your name is above mine
<Brad> lol
* Quits: Brad (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Aidon> ROFL!!!

<IdleRPG> Onyx [49/51] has challenged Vayden [150/255] in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:16:18 is added to Onyx's clock.
<IdleRPG> Onyx reaches next level in 0 days, 04:09:16.

* Hermes gets a blunt axe and starts slamming the clamaris
<Hermes> *calamaris
* Sjaak starts to make fried calamari
<Hermes> cool
<Hermes> we make a good team;-)
<Onyx> Save the Whales!
<Aidon> can I have sum?
<Hermes> calamris isn;t a whale. it's squid
<Hermes> *it's a squid
<Sjaak> Eat the whales!
<Hermes> sure Aidon
<Onyx> Save the Whales!
<Vandar> huh? Nuke the whales? Pave the rainforest?
<Onyx> Save the Whales!
<Aidon> rofl
<Sjaak> Glue the whales to wales!
Vandar> Save the whales! Collect them all.
* Hermes is NP: Charles Earland - Incense Of Essence
<Hermes> ^^^Jazz baby
* Hermes swings relaxing behind his computer
<Aidon> sorry to break down the numbers guys, got to go
<Hermes> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
<Onyx> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
<Pace> bye Aidon
<DeMeer> ^
<Aidon> rofl
<Sjaak> yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
* Hermes gets his bow and arrow and shoots aidon to teh wall
<DeMeer> ^
<Vandar> c ya
* DeMeer feels so lazy
<Aidon> Bye (rofl)

<TommyZac> ......WWWW..........
<TommyZac> .....WoooooW........
<TommyZac> ....WoooooooW........
<TommyZac> .....WoooooW........
<TommyZac> ......WWWW..........
<TommyZac> .........W.............
<TommyZac> ..........W.............
<TommyZac> .........W.............
<TommyZac> ..........W.............
<TommyZac> .........W.............
<TommyZac> ..........W.............
<TommyZac> Aidon, please give this lovely sunflower to Ven
<Duar_Bracer> ???
<Vong_Gin`aal> stop flooding
* TommyZac was kicked by Bossive (dont flood [kick count:57])
* TommyZac has joined #cmg-mandalore
* ChanServ sets mode: +h TommyZac
<Bossive> dont flood
<TommyZac> it's not flooding. it's art!
<Bossive> its flooding
<Bossive> want another kick?
<TommyZac> you wouldn't dare
<Bossive> ...
* TommyZac was kicked by Vong_Gin`aal (I would dare)

<@Chin> now onyx here she is the innocence of youth istelf
<@DeMeer> can´t remember name though
<@Aidon> lol
<@Chin> itself
<@Chin> only 17
<@Chin> sweet 16 +1
<@Chin> :p
<@DeMeer> mmm, the rock is on tv
<@DeMeer> they are running through the sewers
<@Aidon> that's what you think, actually Onyx is my neighbour of 58 years old with a beer belly.
<@Chin> HAHA
<@DeMeer> I knew it!!!
* @DeMeer gives Onyx a cookie

<@DeMeer> communications down, could only mean one thing
<@DeMeer> Invasion!
* @andog ( Quit (Ping timeout: 380 seconds)
<@Chin> Andog down, could only mean one thing
<@Chin> Party!!!
<@DeMeer> lol

* Vong|afk is now known as Vong|highlight
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Leos_Adrynn> vong
<Vong|highlight> stop it!

<Marko_dash> should help the fate of fire at least
<Chin> ahhh the fate of fire :p
<Chin> poor fire met his fate
<Marko_dash> rate*
* Marko_dash slaps Chin around a bit with a large trout
* Marko_dash hacks chins ship and sends him into a sun
* Diomedes looks again to see if he read correctly "are you seriously etempting to kill someone of the Mandalore High Command ey.."
* Diomedes shoots everything at marko that's his Carrack has and enjoys the show.=p
<Diomedes> *that
* Marko_dash , not even being in the same sector for a day or so is unaffected
<Diomedes> lol
<Diomedes> well.. I can god mod too you know!
* Marko_dash enters the bridge of his criuser as dios shots rebound off the Elemental Furys sheilds
<Diomedes> you don't know if my ship flew into a worm hole to your location..
* Diomedes looks at Marko's toy and laughs
<Marko_dash> my location is jupiter, sol system, galaxy 01
<Diomedes> hehe
<Marko_dash> and the Fury is 15 miles of armor engine and weapons, and needs only a crew of 20
<Marko_dash> plus at jupiter is most of the Sol Defence Force, over 575 ships
<Marko_dash> 8 of them being the liberty class dreadnoughts
<Diomedes> riight =p
<Marko_dash> so
<Marko_dash> your move
<Qaan_Plo_Qaan> "Your move holy man"
<Chin> lol
* Marko_dash moves a dreadnought to D-5 and turns dio into a real holy man
<Diomedes> oh yeah.. I'm the holy man!
<Diomedes> ok
<Marko_dash> fyi, D-5 is just inward of mars
* Diomedes listens to Marko's babbling and sends him to a mental home "You need some fixing.."
<Diomedes> heh =p
<Hermes> ouch
<Diomedes> always a good way in ending a godmod convo =p
<Marko_dash> "they are coming to take me away haha"
<Hermes> lol
<Diomedes> haha
<Marko_dash> that is if they can get off earth to begin with
* Quits: Zeno (Quit: I am the plague, may Darkness strengthen me.)
<Diomedes> lol
<Hermes> I think they have the special space nut team for that job
<Chin> well, let's just say we are in the SW univers
<Marko_dash> then they would have to get past the asteroid feild, the 7 layers of defences surrounding the base those 574 ships, and the dreadnought near mars
<Chin> and ther is no earth, or juppiter, or mars, or anything of the kind
<Marko_dash> fine
<Chin> so you are just thinking there is, in your head
<Chin> that means you're probably on a lp or a DST
<Hermes> ^^^^
* Marko_dash moves the SDF fleet to a hide-out in the unknown regions
<Marko_dash> and its a DST, im still enroute to my assigned ship a lp
* Marko_dash has two SDF frigates provide cover
<Marko_dash> your move again
<Diomedes> lol
* Diomedes gives up and takes a note not to godmod with Marko again =p

<DeMeer[a]> its that the evil jawa!
* Seth-R has quit IRC (Quit: )
<DeMeer[a]> he died
<Duar_Bracer> eh...
<Diomedes> lol
<daniel> awww poor jawa
* daniel holds a funeral service

<daniel> whos heard the hapes natinal anthem?
<Seth_Orzo> whats a natinal and why does it have an anthem?
<daniel> *lol
* daniel sprays seth with anti jawa stuff
* Seth_Orzo is hit with air freshener! hiss! hiss!
<daniel> Tyr the jawas gone mad
<daniel> Razz
<Seth_Orzo> i've always been mad.
<Seth_Orzo> mad like a fox!
<daniel> stupid leg humping jawa
<DeMeer> be nice to the jawa daniel
<daniel> sorry tyr
<Seth_Orzo> Yeah. Im like the mascot and stuff.
<daniel> nope Razz

* Seth_Orzo dies of boredom.
<daniel> ok vong
* daniel kicks seth
<daniel> Sad
<daniel> *Smile
* Seth_Orzo bleeds and stuff.
<daniel> lol
<daniel> it wasnt me
* Seth_Orzo bled on daniel. proof!
<daniel> My robes your dirty jawa...........go salavge vongs ship
<daniel> Razz
<daniel> *you
* DeMeer wonders what part of the "be nice to the jawa" part daniel missunderstood
* daniel thinks it was the nice
<daniel> Razz
<Seth_Orzo> Very Happy
* Seth_Orzo lives! huzzah! bleeds on daniel more!
* daniel runs away

* Seth_Orzo so does not suck.
* daniel thinks seth sucks jawas
<daniel> * juice
<Seth_Orzo> Should add that to the IRC quotes.
<Seth_Orzo> worst. typo. ever.
* daniel thinks so
* Seth_Orzo concurs.

<Even> Daniel
<daniel> hello even
<Even> can I give ze a suggestion?
<daniel> yeah
<Even> would you run around your house
<Even> let's say 10 laps?
<daniel> no
<daniel> why?
<Even> get some energy used

* RayTakarashi yawns
<Sin> Indeed!
<Sin> Why am I up this early?!
* Sin has quit IRC (Quit: <Cam-Away> I like to see Sin as a younger, less experianced version of me)
<RayTakarashi> It's quite early only 00.05

* Diomedes is planning on building up a 3x3.. which will give him something around 10 mil a month on facility income..
<RayTakarashi> When the production will be out?
<DeMeer> 10 mil
<DeMeer> with 9 cities
<DeMeer> sounds hard to do
<Diomedes> not very..
<Diomedes> I mean.. your CR is very high.. because the planet is very full
<Diomedes> and I'm planning on calculating and planning it very good.
<DeMeer> if you succeed
<Diomedes> *entirely full
<DeMeer> let me know Smile
<Diomedes> hehe
<Diomedes> will do will do

* RayTakarashi is poor
* Onyx is poor
* RayTakarashi is going to kill his character
* Onyx is going to kill her character
<RayTakarashi> Stop copying me
* Tuki is going to kill Ray and Onyx characters
<Tuki> Wink
<Leos_Adrynn> aww, you beat me to it
<Onyx> yay I'm dead!!!
* Onyx haunts leo
* Leos_Adrynn is glad that he gets haunted by the hot ghosts >.>
* Onyx slaps leo with a fishy
<Leos_Adrynn> >.<