Mandalore Supporters

How to support?
1.Donate credits or assets worth 1,5 million credits to Mandalore and you will get a city named after you or a name of your choice.
2.Donate 1 million credits and get a future statue named after you. Theese statues will be created in special cities at mandalore. Example Tyr The generous.
3.Donate 500,000 credits and get a building named after you. Will most likely be a high-rise. Example The DeMeer Tower or similiar.

When/if someone donates assets worth total 1,5 million credits they will also get a Mandalore Award. This can be handed out multiple times.

The following members have supported Mandalore and should be acknowledged.

Bossive Cwall
3,000,000 credits
City Cwall on planet Cirsarugee, Ukian System, Abrion Sector .
City Bossiveopolis on planet Huthril, Ukian System, Abrion Sector .
Mandalore Supporter Award.
Vong Gin`aal
1,500,000 credits
City Yuuzhan`tar on planet Gyndine, Gyndine System, Abrion Sector.
Mandalore Supporter Award.
Arzak Nothus Selrac
5,000,000 credits
City Azrakia on planet Jortel, Gyndine System, Abrion Sector.
City Nothus on planet Ukio, Ukian System, Abrion Sector.
City Port Selrac on planet Abrion Minor, Abrion System, Abrion Sector.
Mandalore Supporter Award.
Ragdu Beas
5,000,000 credits
Mandalore Supporter Award.