Mandalore History

Mandalore; the Homeworld of the Mandalorians, the center for government, military, and culture for the race, the origin of these warrior people who now seek to conquer the galaxy. The planetary capitol city is the home to the Triad, as well as to the most elite warriors the Mandalorian Empire has to offer. Two large constructs in the capitol city can be seen from orbit, those being the Aldacor Spire Base and the Klath'mor Monolith. Large Mandalorian Sun Cruisers loom over the planet, the sheer military nature of all surrounding these people visible to even the most uneducated eye.

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***The First Era - The Ancient Time***
Historical Archives: 0-2500 Historical Archives: 2501-7600 Historical Archives: 7601-13429
***The Second Era - A dark age***
Mandalorian wars    
***The Third Era - A new age***