Historical Archives: 0-2500

A freak accident caused the onboard computer of one of the first colony ships leaving Coruscant to miscalculate a hyperjump, sending the ship and the passengers aboard off in a direction opposite of the one intended. The result left thousands stranded in a previously uncharted solar system with only one inhabitable planet, a world the colonists christened 'Mandalore' after the ship which had stranded them there. With communication outside this planet cut off completely, the colonists, believed to be of the ancient race of Taungs, had to fight to survive, braving the harsh environment of their new home and, over generations, developing into the race now known as the Mandalorians... a race which survived their struggle for life.

That struggle was not an easy one. A period of intense famine and bigotry quickly followed the initial crash on the planet, and within a year, approximately fifteen hundred colonists had died either from starvation or due to carnivorous animal attacks. Political dissent was high, and several strong personalities gathered support for their own plans for survival, splitting the few remaining colonists into five large groups of approximately eight hundred, all of differing opinions where plans for the future were concerned. Ulyna the Wise traveled north with his followers into the plains. Opy're the Powerful took preference to the mountains in the south. Aconouran the Deft went into the vast desert in the east. Finally, Lyrr'va the Inventor traveled west toward the vast ocean. The fifth group, lead by Sti'va the Equate, stayed at the crash site. These five groups were the first five clans of Mandalore, each developping under the influence of their chosen leader and becoming more of a personification of his or her strongest traits as a whole.

Two millennia passed, and all five of the first clan 'colonies' survived, each suffering extreme techological degradation due to the new living conditions and way of life following the great crash. The population of the Mandalorian people at this time was approximately eighty six thousand, which was double the number it had been only a quarter of a millennium ago, signifying clearly for the first time that the Mandalorian people were to survive.

It was also the first time the five great cities clashed. The only civil war in Mandalorian history erupted during this time, stretching out over the next five hundred years. Each clan desired dominance over Mandalore, and set out for victory. What had become the Sti'va den by this time suffered the largest losses, and was almost destroyed... but due to one young Sti'va clansman named Pq'narc, the war was ended and thousands of years of peace followed.