Historical Archives: 2501-7600

After the end of the 500 year war, Mandalorians began finding strange scripts containing messages in broken Mandalorian writing describing the existence of another species who called themselves the Juannar and resided on a nearby gas giant. (The Mandalore space system had a white dwarf as a star. In orbit around the sun, named Trnar, are five planets. One is Mandalore, ranging equal distance from the Earth to our sun. There are twin planets on the outskirts of the system, covered in ice. Another molten mass sits in orbit around Trnar. A medium size planet named Io'son follows Mandalore in orbit in a slow dance. Io'son is the home of the Juannar.) These scripts continued to appear over the next four years, eventually telling of a day when the aliens would visit Mandalore. Indeed, as was foretold in the scripts, ten years after the 500 year war a small shuttle landed in the Sti'va clanlands next to the original transport, which had been turned into a monument of heritage.

The Warrior Eminence Pq'narc, five prominent den leaders, and many Mandalorians were on hand at the landing site, waiting for a glimpse of these strange people... and strange they were indeed. The Juannar were large spheres, approximately three feet in diameter, which moved through manipulating their skin to roll themselves along at various speeds. Their skin was black, a protective coating which allowed them to endure the atmosphere of Mandalore. Several sensors and extrusions on their body would move in and out of this black skin, allowing them to gain information about the Mandalorians and their planet.

Relations with this new species were difficult at first, remaining that way for nearly two hundred years. Many of the Mandalorians, upon the Juannar's arrival, were prepared for war with these alien 'intruders', and acceptance of them did not come easily. Furthering the difficulty there, the Juannar themselves could only communicate with the Mandalorians through hindered writing, as they had not yet found a way to speak the Mandalorian language. The Mandalorians discovered the Juannar were a fairly sophisticated society, with technology enough to provide them limited space travel and a means to cloak themselves from the dangers of exposure to environments unlike the gas giant that was their home. After two hundred years of peaceful exposure and communication with the Juannar, the Juannar had learned to speak the Mandalorian language and the majority of the Mandalorian populace had accepted them as friend rather than foe.

Over the next five thousand years, the Mandalorians and Juannar lived together, sharing both culture and moral beliefs. The Juannar imparted their amazing technology to the Mandalorians, and after two thousand years or so, the two species started researching together, enabling the Mandalorians to begin making incredible improvements. The government and social unity remained, and even improved during this transitional time. The Mandalorians began to develop space travel, and soon spanned three planets in three different solar systems (Mandalore, Aldacor, and Thaldoria) as well as the moon orbiting Mandalore (Luna). Aldacor and Thaldoria, mining planets also used for food production and refineries, held the same social unity as Mandalore, developing their own clans and keeping close ties with their cultural base on the Homeworld. At this time, the Mandalorians also began to develop beautiful space stations, most of which were deployed in the Mandalore system, though a few others were spread out to neighboring systems. Using probes, the Mandalorians searched the galaxy habitable areas they could colonize, and at the same time, developed a complex system of transit between the planets they controlled.
Both the Mandalore and Juannar society were prospering. Biological organisms had been engineered to create energy. Sickness was treated by inserting microbes into the body. By the year 7600, Mandalorian society had become a near utopia, expanding into the stars.