Historical Archives: 7601-13429

The Mandalorians had finally achieved peace, unity and happiness... and then the Vuana came. The Vuana were lanky and tall with a skin color of deep turquoise, ranging from eight to ten feet in height and possessing two legs used to walk and two arms to manipulate objects. The Vuana's skin was completely smooth, and they contained no facial features or sexual organs. To consume food, the Vuana placed their arms into a liquid and would suck out the nutrients.
In the year 7603, after over five thousand years of peace, the Mandalore system came under siege. Out of nowhere, the Vuana attacked viciously for a period of twenty years, and the Mandalorians and Juannar had to fight to survive, spending all their resources and time to developing technology in weapons and defense measures. After twenty years, the Vuana mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and a stretch of subdued peace began, full of anxiety and preparation for war. The peace lasted only two hundred years, after which the Vuana returned.

The Mandalorians and Juannar together fought the Vuana for a hundred and sixty three years, the Juannar having more success than the Mandalorians at surviving the massive assaults. The hundred and sixty fourth year of the war saw the Vuana attack the Mandalore system with three tremendous ships comparable to a dreadnought-class. These dreadnought-like alien vessels sped toward the Juannar's home planet, and even though the combined strength of the Mandalorians and Junnar succeeded in disabling one of the massive ships, it was not fully destroyed and ended up drifting into the planet's surface below. The devastating results of the impact were felt over the next ten years as Io'son slowly drifted out of orbit from the impact and became desolate and barren from the climate change.

Another three hundred years lapsed, and the war between the Mandalorians, Juannar and Vuana continued, even after the Mandalorians destroyed the two dreadnought-like ships which remained. The Juannar who survived the Io'son disaster had relocated to other planets in the system by this time, but soon died out after extreme inbreeding and lack of tolerance for the atmospheres they were forced to endure. This left the Mandalorians alone in their fight for survival.

In the year 7983, the Mandalorians launched a huge offensive against the Vuana, successfully taking an outer planet the Vuana had been using for ship manufacture. This enabled the Mandalorians to study the technology and ship capabilities of the Vuana, and develop an understanding for such weaponry and ship design features as hyperdrive systems, ion cannons, and several other powerful and previously unheard of weapons. The Mandalorians began to implement this technology in their own war fleet, using the Vuana's own advances against them on the battlefield.

The intense war continued until the year 13295, when the Mandalorians finished the mass production of several biological agents designed to annihilate the Vuana and implemented them along with a colossal assault upon the aliens. The Vuana's space defenses were taken out by the Mandalorian fleet while planetary defenses were destroyed by hundreds of elite warriors wearing the special Mandalorian Battle Armor. After the Mandalorian teams were exfiltrated from the Vuana planets, the Mandalorians sent mechanically controlled battleships to all Vuana planets to crash into the surfaces and release the deadly biological agents. By the year 13300, xenocide upon the Vuana was compete.

In the wake of victory, the Mandalorians began assessing their losses. Much of Mandalore was destroyed, as well as huge sections of the other planets that had been in their control. Their armies had taken heavy losses, every space station they had owned was destroyed, and their Naval fleet was crippled. The Mandalorians began to regroup immediately, the next hundred and fifteen years devoted to completely rebuilding their section of the galaxy. Throughout the entire war and recovery period, the social unity of the Mandalorian people never faltered, it merely grew stronger.

Then came the rule of Dy'eDrin in the year 13419, the first period of peace encountered for six thousand years. This time of external peace lasted only until Dy'eDrin's death at the hands of Tm'halk Emig, who challenged the pacifist and his ways. When Tm'halk Emig perished several months later due to an unforseen event, Simone Dra'kmus of the clan V'r'caah assumed the title of Warrior Eminence and started a isolation policy. The Mandalore drew back from the galaxy, remained at the hidden homeworld and only sending out scouts. But all that changed later when the Mandalorians were approached by the sith, which would end in the Sith and Mandalorian wars against the old republic.