Mandalore IRC Rules

-Only members of Mandalore, MandalMotors, MandalTech or MandalMining are allowed in the #cmg-mandalore. Dignitaries and guests are welcome to join the Mandalore Embassy channel at #cmg-mandalore-embassy.

@ Means that the character is a part of the Mandalore Triad or the Mandalore Council.
% Means that the character is a part of Mandalore command structure or holds a O-4 rank and higher
+ Means that the character has graduated from the Mandalore Academy.

- Always be polite towards other people.
- Discussions about real world politcs and religions might be sensitive for some people and should be avoided as much as possible.

Channel protection
#cmg-mandalore is a protected channel. The up-to-date instructions how to join the channel can be found on Mandalore Holonet. If you are Mandalore member and experience problems joining the channel, join #cmg-mandalore-embassy.

General rule
Be polite and show respect.

List of thiefs and pirates
Traders Lounge list - Mandalore discourages trading or using Syn as a middleperson.
Reya's trading list

-Flooding is not allowed in mandalore channel.
-If someone is flooding the channel, ask them politely to stop. Might even be a good idea to do it in a pm since they might miss it if they are flooding the channel.
-If character does not stop with the flooding after been asked to stop, kick them from the room along with a message explaining why.

Language rules
The English language is to be used in all official channels for obvious reasons – we want to make the game as enjoyable as possible for as many as possible. British English is the official variant in the case of a conflict.

Other rules
No OOC (Out Of Character) Discrimination, Racism, Harassment, Insulting etc. is allowed. IC discrimination (Anti-Jawaism, etc.) is allowed to a point. However, a Chat-Operator who receives complaints about harassment or similar, OOC or IC, is expected to look into it and users may be penalized to keep the chat enjoyable for everyone. Content is Key. Regardless of what words are used, the chat should always be kept at PG (rule of thumb is whether it would be in Star Wars). Graphic torture/violence, abuse, rape, etc., will result in an immediate ban.

Exceptions to the rules
Some characters are excepted from theese rules and are welcome to our room and might get perks like @ or similiar.
The following people are excepted so far:
-Official Admins of the StarWars Combine

Also, don´t take things happening on IRC to serious nor personal and be polite towards other people. Its a game, we are here to have fun.