Established thousands of years ago as a nationalised company under the Mandalorian government, MandalMining was once the most dishonourable department a Mandalorian could serve in. Formed from captured slaves and petty bureaucrats, MandalMining was laughed at and ridiculed by other arms of the Mandalorian government such as the army and navy. Service in MandalMining was also punishment for cowardly or incompetent warriors from the military.

That image has long since faded away however, in the later days of the Mandalore - Vuana war, over four thousand years ago, MandalMining pilots and engineers withstood attack after attack from the Vuana. Often they were badly outnumbered, with an inadequate escort, and yet despite being 'cowardly' and 'incompetent' they proved that even the so-called 'worst' of the Mandalorians could redeem themselves in battle and defeat their enemies. The original MandalMining came to its end on an inhospitable planet near Mandalore. Blockaded on a classified planet by a Vuana armada, the last remnants of MandalMining struggled against a force that had fifteen times as many men and hundreds more ships, and yet it still took a full orbital bombardment with fusion warheads to finish them off.
With the re-emergence of the Mandalorians as a unified body, the Warrior Eminence has ordered MandalMining restored to its glory days before its destruction. Now thousands of Mandalorians flock to the MandalMining banner, knowing that while the military gains glory for defending Mandalore at times of war, MandalMining gains its arguably greater honor from providing Mandalore with the life-blood it needs to survive at times of peace or war.