MandalTech R&D

The Mandaltech R&D Department provides the new designs for the high quality weapons used by all of Mandalore. Some of the brightest young Mandalorian researchers have joined in the quest of perfection, to help their fellow Mandalorian warriors get nothing but the best. A long time this profession was treated as unworthy and Mandalorians looked down on their researchers, but that has long since changed, since the designs proved so good, that some have not changed for a long time. Most of the researchers in the department still come from the clans of Du’Trachek and Tr’Zch.

But in recent years more clans have joined the pursuit for perfection. The researchers work closely with warriors of all kinds to see what their expectations are. A lot of weapons are the combined effort of the knowledge of the researchers and the practical know-how of the warriors. This is a form of cooperation that has so far been very successful. Most of the great technologies that are still in use today with the Mandalorian warriors come from designs worked up in these R&D halls. Often these were enhancements of designs from the Juannar, a race that taught the Mandalorians to take their first steps on technological areas. The spirit of the Juannar still lives on today in the Mandalorian Weapons. But since then much has also changed, and nowadays new designs are always in high demand, and the MandalTech researchers have yet to fail a single project.